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Our Almost Baby Story

I really can’t believe I’m sharing this.

I had actually written this post already in November, but the story line was completely different. I had planned this amazing way to tell all of you that I was pregnant.

As you may recall in my engagement story, the WILD ride on November 9th didn’t end there. When I wrote that post, I had already discovered I was pregnant. I was beaming, or “glowing” as they say, with joy when I was writing it but I knew it was too soon to share. I had imagined writing a post about my spirituality and believing that through the tragedy of losing Sergio’s mother, she sent us a little angel. Sergio and I cried (for the thousandth time that week) in complete happiness at the thought of starting a family together. We found out less than 24 hours after we buried his mother. It honestly felt like the universe had planned this, that something bigger than us was at work to bring this little miracle into our lives completely unplanned.

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