Maybe it's what I was craving out of the industry, but I wanted that peer to peer interaction; feeling like someone's got my back, not taking advantage of me, talking to someone that genuinely understood what it's like behind the scenes... and cared.

So, in 2016, I founded THB Marketing House, a digital branding agency specializing in micro-influencer media campaigns. I'm proud to announce, THB provides collaboration opportunities to over 2200+ micro-influencers world wide and our community is growing everyday!

This is only the beginning and I'm incredibly grateful to live in a time where all of this is possible for me, my readers at The Haute Brunette and the incredible influencers in the THB community!

 Alyssa Melendez

I started my blog to open the door to my creative abilities. I wanted to see where they might take me and further discover more about myself through the art of writing, researching, photography... whatever I could fit onto these digital pages. Truth be told, I wanted to learn more about myself.

I didn't know or even think I could turn a blog into a business but I always knew that if I stuck with it, blogging could take me places. This is the internet people!

Simplicity has always remained a constant theme in my life. Encompassing my ideals with my passions has helped build the foundation for what The Haute Brunette is today; a simple lifestyle go-to for finding this season's style basics, beauty must-haves, healthy recipes, minimalist home decor tips and everything else in between.

After 3 years, I felt I had really hit my stride and I needed to take it further. I wanted to do more than share the best beauty creams with my readers. I wanted to engage influencers and support them in ways I wish someone had done when I was first starting out. I saw a gap between big agencies that only represented bloggers with 500k+ followings and digital aggregate platforms that sold metrics to brands for campaigns that had no face or human interaction behind them.