3 years ago, I decided to create a lifestyle and fashion blog to journal my thoughts, interests and experiences into a platform, through which I could connect with my peers. I decided to think of ways I could use my passions and resources to build a creative space. Simplicity has always remained a constant theme in my life. Encompassing my ideals with my passions has helped build the foundation for what The Haute Brunette is today; a simple fashion and lifestyle go-to for finding this season's style basics, healthy recipes and minimalist home decor tips.

I am a neurotic, entrepreneurial, life enthusiast. I say 'life enthusiast' because there is no way for me express my creative nature in a single sentence. I'm always exploring new hobbies and interests, planning spontaneous get-aways, redecorating my home, delving into new business ventures and spending time with my best friend and companion Penny the Yorky.