I've been dying to write this. In fact, every time I take a close look at my face in the mirror, I want to scream my thoughts from the rooftop.

If you don't know what dermaplaning is, it's a method by which dead skin and baby hairs are removed from the face with a sharp scalpel. It makes makeup application smooth and allows for better absorption of topical products like serums, creams, oils etc.

It's not painful by any means, the blade just brushes the skin's surface the same way you would shave your legs or other parts of you body.

Obviously, I did my research when the buzz started. At first, I was like, "WTF WOULD I SHAVE MY FACE?". Then, I kept seeing it everywhere; Instagram, blogs, facebook, suggested products on Amazon - it was everywhere.

If you've been following my skincare journey, you know I'll do just about anything for smooth, wrinkle-free skin. I've done it all.

I've had a vampire facial for christ sake, so taking a blade to my skin wasn't why I was apprehensive. My biggest concern was about hair re-growth. I searched and searched and read numerous posts by reputable editors, bloggers I trust and statements by legitimate medical professionals. I was looking for just one article that would prove my fears about darker, thicker hair regrowth were valid so I could have a real reason not to try it. I found zero.

The articles I found, all said the same thing. More or less, they all said things like:

+ The blade only shaves the dead skin and the "vellus hairs" aka peach fuzz.
+ The blade does not effect the normal hair follicles, the ones responsible for normal hair, as they are different types of hair.

It was like reading the same thing over and over.

I didn't understand the logic, but I accepted it. In April 2017 I tried dermaplaning for the first time.

I LOVED IT! It was so oddly satisfying to see how much dry skin and peach fuzz was resting on my face. To this day, I actually love that weird feeling.

Fast forward a year and half later...

My face is COVERED in hair. I mean literally, my entire chin is covered in THICK peach fuzz and an increased amount of LONG black hairs. I look like a fucking cat fish. I've never had hair on my face, even my upper lip needed very little maintenance before.

long story longer, I basically went without doing it this summer because I was in Europe. So this morning, as I had 3 months worth of hair removed, I really couldn't get over it.

I would love to just stop, but I can't. At this point, the only way to correct this is to get laser hair removal.

I've gone back and re-researched reviews and I realized where I went wrong in my initial fact finding. 90% of the reviews I read were written by beauty editors through channels like InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Refinery29, etc. Publications that I love and trust. Why is this bad? - Because beauty editors will go and get one treatment done and write a review. Once. Obviously, massive hair growth doesn't happen after one session.

I came up on a few blogs and most of them were introductory reviews as well. They heard the buzz, wanted to get on board to see what all the fuss was about and formed opinions the same way they do after trying a face mask for the first time.

To be honest, I couldn't escape from an overwhelming feeling of deceit. I felt betrayed by people I counted on as reliable sources, but every single person writing these reviews has a job to do, bills to pay and reputations to keep up. I think many people have forgotten about the massive responsibility content creation comes with. I've been increasingly more trusting of what I read on the internet, but this has been a huge wakeup call for me.

I understand everyone is different, I'm not saying this is going to happen to you and I'm sure I sound like I'm overreacting with paranoid feelings of deception in the industry. I'm saying, that the long term effects are real, for me, and I'd bet there a ton of other women that don't really want to come out and tell the world about their newfound male-pattern hair growth.

I've never written a negative post and I hate that I'm doing it but if this stops just one person from tryin it, then I feel like it could be positive.

It's not worth the risk, don't do it.