The struggle is real guys! I have been so MIA on the blog but, truth be told, I don't feel too bad about it because my time has been spent helping other bloggers and influencers grow their brands. Of course, when someone is spread too thin, other areas suffer & my blog has taken the brunt of that.

The GREAT news is that THB Marketing House has developed into something even bigger and better than I had hoped. I originally started the company to create jobs for influencers by contracting brands for campaigns. However, it's not that I felt competition by any means, I just didn't see myself turning my boutique style company into a major corporation & falling into the rat race with the other influencer agencies. As I tell Sergio, I created this life so I could have freedom to do what I want & play by my own rules, so expanding THB in that direction would inevitably lead me to being tied down in NYC & that's not what I'm looking for.

THB has stepped a bit away from the typical influencer agency structure & more into a blogger / influencer resource. They always say, "listen to your audience & adapt", I listened and I started giving the community what they wanted!

THB now promotes giveaways (slightly controversial but I can go into that later & explain how you can use them positively without abusing the system), guides, contact lists for Fashion Week as well as brands and agencies plus mentoring & more everyday! It's really growing and evolving quickly!

That being said, for my audience that loves skincare, fashion, wellness and lifestyle tips - this post doesn't really do much except let you know what I've been up to. I haven't forgotten about you & I'm trying my best to juggle everything!

I also need to apologize because it's hard to show on social media what the day-to-day is like when I'm face down in my computer, working on agency projects & keeping busy doing everything but what you're here to read about. So, it's been a struggle to remain authentic through social media on my stories & posts - you're only seeing a small part of the picture & I'm working on somehow merging all of that and keeping everyone happy and excited to see what's going on over here.

Anyway,  recently I was featured on a podcast series "We Get to Know" with Julie Knox & Tedra Cruz and we talked about so many different things going on with me, The Haute Brunette & THB Marketing House. I hate listening to myself speak & I use the word "like" waaaaaay too much but it's so genuinely ME & I felt it would be good to share with you guys.

I hope you enjoy it & I hope I can depend on your support as my path leads me in different directions. Talk to you soon!