I absolutely love mixing products together to make the perfect concoction. I have so many different products that I adore, but sometimes I wish they were just slightly better, so I find ways to mix them together.

I use my products like I eat my food, it's all going to the same place, so let's mix it up!

*cue the science goggles and witches cauldron*

BTW, I have an entire area of my kitchen dedicated to oils and mixing bottles (my favorite things to collect)

Another reason I mix products together is for space when I travel.

Since I'm spending the summer abroad, I needed a way to pack all of my favorite essentials without bringing like 50 kilos of cosmetics with me. I'm also super psycho and I never like to pack full bottles of my favorite things just in case my luggage gets lost. I would rather lose a pair of designer shoes than my serums lol.

First potion is super basic but freaking amazing!


J. Lo just came out with this insane makeup line, Inglot,  that is so on point and beautifully inspired by her iconic look, that golden glow. I have both the face pigment and eye pigment shown below, but for my potion I used the eye pigment because it was darker and it gave me a bit of a faux tan. Instead of using an entire bottle of body oil, I opted for the travel size to get me through the summer.



Zinc is a MUST in your sunscreen. There are many different types of SPF ingredients but if you want the real protection, zinc is absolutely necessary. I honestly wouldn't even bother with anything else. The biggest downside to zinc is that it is super white and can leave a white shade behind on your skin. This drives me nuts. So, I decided to add some pigment to my sunscreen so that I can wear it all the time without noticeably looking like it.

I used the Aura bronzing gel by Mehron (click HERE to for the gel) and added it to my SPF. I love this gel because it totally mimics a sun-kissed glow. It's a bit stronger than the powder pigments above - but something like this is needed to blend out the white shade in zinc. I poured about half of the gel into my body sunscreen.

On another note, there is one brand I found that makes the most insane face SPF with zinc and has zero white tint - Elta MD. I was given this brand to use when I had my first IPL treatment. I needed the best coverage possible since my skin couldn't be exposed to sun for 6 weeks.



I have to start by saying, I understand how expensive this mixture is and for many people this is very over the top. However, I am obsessed with serums and I always want to use so many without doing 100 layers so, I mix them together. Whether or not this is a good idea, I have no clue, but I do it so that I can use all my serums.

Like I said before, I hate traveling with my full bottles because I would be devastated if this stuff got lost but since I'm traveling it really didn't make sense to bring all of them along anyway. I added 10 - 20 dropper doses per serum into a bottle to mix together all of the best products I'm loving.

There is everything from - resurfacing, hyaluronic moisturizing, vitamin C, brightening, clearing, plumping, tightening - YOU NAME IT. The only thing I didn't add was anything with retinol or prescription strength bleaching because those products make skin sensitive to sun and it's just not safe to use in the summer. I have a completely different routine through fall and spring and I'll share that later this year.

Below are all of the serums I have mixed together for the most ultimate serum mix of all time!