This is not a drill...

It's true, I lost 10 pounds eating pasta everyday... but let's start from the beginning.

I've always been very conscious of what I put in my body but I never deprived myself. Everyone's body image is different, it's all relative. Within the last 6 months I gained 15 pounds, so in my eyes, I felt "fat" and I was super over it.

"Weight loss" / "staying thin", whatever you want to call it, is a collection of lifestyle choices that don't feel like sacrifice, self control and knowledge - which will go a long way when you're trying to slim down!

First, I'll go into general food basics...


When deciding on what is "okay" to eat, I always ask myself if a caveman could eat it. Back in the Stone Age, Cavemen ate from the land. Think of it this way... could a cave man eat a protein bar? NO, he fired up his rock stove and ate a fucking cow for protein... I mean not exactly like that but you get the point.


+ Eggs - none of that egg whites in a carton stuff
+ Vegetables / could be canned or frozen but you need to read the label and make sure nothing else is in there. Fresh is always your best bet!
+ FRESH fruits
+ nuts - raw / unsalted (SINGLE INGREDIENT peanut / other nut butters are okay - easier to find at organic food stores)
+ meats (no deli-meats)

If it doesn't come in a package, it's 100% okay by me, with the exception of a few things!

+ Potatoes and grains like rice, quinoa etc are not "bad" but should be avoided
+ Soda... I mean you might as well pick up a pack of cigs the next time you get a soda - that was a judgmental comment but you gotta cut that shit out for general wellbeing.
+ Dairy - In the US, the diary is BAD BAD BAD. Our pasteurizing laws require dairy distributors to remove basically every trace of good bacteria from our dairy before it's distributed. Could a cave man drink milk? YES, except it's nothing like what you can purchase on the shelves now.

If you are eating something that came out of a package it's highly likely you shouldn't eat it BUT if you're smart about reading packages (and I don't mean calorie counting - INGREDIENTS ONLY) than you can eat many packaged foods.

This does not include, low fat bars, gluten free snacks etc. I'm talking about something like an organic hummus that only has Olive Oil, chickpeas, garlic, salt & pine nuts. Is this making sense?

Packages with very few ingredients or natural ingredients are the goal and if you don't understand an ingredient, it's likely something you shouldn't be eating in the first place. Although, labels listing "natural flavors" should be avoided. That term can legally be used to describe MSG. Again, put your Caveman brain on again when looking at food labels.

Now that we've covered the basics, I'm going to tell you what I ate. My choices may not be the same for you, but my process is what helped my achieve my goals.

But first, I want to give you a piece of advice that helped me get started.


To start, I made a list of healthy foods I absolutely loved. My goal was to eat ONLY those foods until I was absolutely sick of them. SPOILER ALERT: if you're eating foods you regularly enjoy, you won't get sick of them that quickly (or at all)!

Here's my list...

lamb chops
pine nuts
almond milk
steel cut oats

green onion
turmeric root
baby kale
yellow bell peppers


cheese burgers

I thought, if I can stick to these foods and, only in very small portions, indulge in "cheat" foods, I'm golden.

Let's start putting these things together starting with breakfast...

+ hard boiled eggs (it's seriously my fav - check out another variation here HERE)
+ avocado on "toast" with 12 calorie Scandinavian crisp bread (amazingly high in fiber and curb that carb cravings)
+ smoothie - banana or blueberry (check out one of my favs HERE)
+ oats - small portion (check out my ultimate overnight oats HERE)

For lunch I keep it super light and I don't always eat breakfast so it's pretty rare that I have 3 full meals...

+ salad (avocado, cucumber, tomato, green onion, one scoop tahini, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt pepper) - I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life
+ beet salad (beets, green onion, pine nuts, baby kale, one scoop tahini, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt pepper) - also, check out my golden beet salad recipe HERE
+ make shift meze plate (hummus, cucumber, tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, hard boiled egg) - check out my 5 second hummus recipe HERE

Dinner was tricky because there are only so many salads a girl can eat so, this is where I got creative. I found out that Trader Joes makes pasta entirely of black beans, which didn't excite me at first but I was craving pasta and determined to shed a few pounds.

I normally make my own sauce but I don't have time for that shit anymore so I needed to find an alternative (check out my homemade sauce recipe HERE). I found out about this brand "Just Sauce" that makes pasta sauce with basically the same exact ingredients that I use in my ultra healthy recipe and I was SOLD.

I kid you not, it was insane! Like so insane, Sergio was all about it - and he is NOT down with imposter foods. It tastes SOOOOO good.

Needless to say, I ate this or a salad every night for almost two months and the weight literally melted off. I switched between black bean pasta and red lentil pasta. I went out many nights and I've been traveling so when I wasn't home I was extremely conscious of menu options.

As for sweets...

I have to eat something sweet after dinner so this was a challenge, but I did a few things that were a total game changer!

mBerry Miracle Fruit Tablets
+ lemons
+ apple cider vinegar
+ frozen bananas
+ baked apples

This is going to sound weird, but I swear, you need to try this...

There is this thing called mBerry Miracle Fruit Tablets. Like the name, literally a miracle. The Miracle Berry is a native fruit to west Africa and it tricks your taste buds into thinking sour is sweet for a few hours after it dissolves on your tongue.

I slice a whole meyer lemon into small pieces WITH the skin and then eat the slices, which taste like the most insane lemon candy you've ever eaten in your life. No sour flavor at all! I'm obsessed with this because lemons are a diuretic and lemon skin, which is typically unbearable to eat, has a ton of nutrients.

I swear, it will blow your mind.

While my taste buds are drunk on mberry, I also take a shot glass of apple cider vinegar and add it to very small cup of water (just to dilute it slightly because it burns my throat) which tastes like sweet apple juice! With out without mberry, apple cider vinegar is great for weight-loss even though it tastes like shit.

My less adventurous dessert choice is my "banana turmeric ice cream". I just add the following to a blender...

+ frozen bananas (purchased fresh and then frozen by me)
+ half inch of fresh turmeric root (powder is fine too)
+ few cracks of black pepper (the piperine in pepper activates turmeric)
+ a lot of cinnamon (speeds up metabolism)
+ small portion of almond milk

If you like apples, you can thinly slice an apple with a mandolin, put the slices in a small ramekin with a drizzle of coconut oil and cinnamon to bake until soft. It is SOOO yummy.

SO, let's recap!

Out of all this, my success relied on just a few simple things:

1. Creating a list and sticking to it
2. Nearly everything on my list is high in fiber and protein - this is so important for weight-loss
3. No dairy, bread, rice, potatoes & very few processed / packaged foods
4. Thinking like a Caveman
5. Getting creative

I know this post was long and for some of you, these selections may not be for you but the key to making this work for your life is by doing a bit of soul searching (sounds lame but true). I think the WORST part about following diet plans and eating foods someone else tells you to eat makes them miserable and easy to break.

My advice is to start by making a list of healthy foods you love, a few cheat foods you can't live without and seeing if you can meet somewhere in the middle to meet your goals.