As I sit here at my computer, having lunch in Dubai, answering emails (but also having a glass of wine… because that vibe is 100% necessary in this gorgeous setting), I started to think about my meeting tomorrow and I realized there was something I really needed to share with my friends in the marketing / influencer space.

I just really feel like this is more beneficial then chatting about travel itineraries and outfits (which I still love & appreciate).

Let's start with a little fact and then move on from there.

FACT: In the past year, I have only had one US based client.

Let's break that down a bit.

If you didn't know, THB Marketing House is my boutique marketing agency that focuses on influencer based campaigns, activations and community based initiatives. The community includes influencers from all over the world but 90%+ are living within the United States.

If I only have influencers in the US, how are all of my clients international? That's easy, international brands and companies looking to break into the US market need US based influencers to introduce themselves to the masses.

Here's the thing, I am probably about to offend someone right now BTW, but US brands and companies are SO CHEAP. I mean, seriously. They will nickel and dime to shit out of you until you're basically working for free and then complain that they didn't get their monies worth.

I feel like I've had enough experience in both the marketing and influencer sides to have credible insight on the above and I hear it SO often from influencers I work with.

There are two sides of the spectrum here. Large, successful US brands will invest in a big way by going for pricey, commercial PR agencies but, as an influencer, the competition is steep & they tend to go with bigger influencers.

A lot of the time, smaller brands try and do campaigning internally and ultimately realize they need help once they've spent a good deal of their time and resources and haven't gotten very far - then ending up with a weak budget (or none at all) to pay for what they actually need.

So, what... international brands have more money?

That has nothing to do with it.

If a brand has established itself outside of the US or is aiming to start an entirely new brand in the US market, they have to budget for that. Influencer budgets have now become part of their business plan in someway and they have to set money aside to accomplish this. In the end, they may not have more money but they will spend more money, because they have to.

I realized all of this after the second international company that hired THB Marketing House early last year. I wish I could take credit for an amazing discovery, thinking that I purposefully went out and procured clients from across the globe but it sort of happened naturally so, this advice is for my influencer friends out there.

Here goes...

If you feel like you're not getting paid enough or feel like you're getting overlooked for collaborations. I strongly urge you to reach out to international PR agencies and introduce yourself. Go on google and create a contact list of agencies outside of the US.

I'm not suggesting you start working with brands that your audience can't purchase or relate to because it's out of the country (the brands wouldn't hire you for that anyway). I'm suggesting you work with brands that are introducing themselves to the US market and the best way to do it is to reach out to international PR agencies because they represent many clients.

As influencers, you constantly need to be thinking outside of the box.

Success won't just fall in your lap.

You can't JUST post on Instagram and think your following is going to sky rocket your career. Those days are long gone and anyone that can attribute their success to that is an exception to the rule!!!

It's not enough to be just a blogger anymore.

You need to be a savvy small business owner.

There is plenty of room on the internet for everyone, but the competition is steep so, put your big girl pants on and get to work!