Much like a go-to little black dress or the perfect pump, one thing that every woman should have in her closet is lace. Whether it be in her lingerie drawer, closet or stocking supply. In my case, all three!

When I was in Spain last weekend, I attended a historic event to watch my friend become the 50th Grand Master of the Order of San Lazaro (one of the oldest Knighthoods in the world). If you didn't know, my Sergio is Knight in this order as well. So, we attend these events yearly.


Part of the Dame, female knight, uniform is beautiful black lace mantilla. A mantilla is piece of lace, or silk that rests from a clip that's worn at the top of a woman's hair. The fabric drapes down from the clip to cover her hair and shoulders. This is typically worn in a Spanish Catholic Church. You can find some photos for reference HERE... just in case I'm not explaining this properly!

Many of the other women were wearing this look a little more casually without the clip and I thought it was just so beautiful and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I knew I had to have one for the next church ceremony but I didn't want to just go out and buy one because I wanted something multi-functional that could be worn year around.

Sergio and I after the ceremony
I immediately thought of Tissura Fabrics. The same place I shopped fabrics for the perfect silk dress last year. Everything is customizable and Tissura offers every shade, fabric, design you can think of... but you know me, I went strait for the black lace. You can view their black lace selections HERE.

Although French lace has been around since the 17th century, it’s one of the few types of patterned materials that have been able to remain relevant since. When it comes to lace, it's ALL about the quality and my favorite is chantilly lace.

I don't have time to go to a fabric store, honestly, I couldn't even tell you where one is. I mean, I order my groceries online & have my manicurist & spray tanner make house calls, so obviously I do my research on delivery. As far as fabrics go, Tissura is choice for fabric purchases.

All of a sudden I'm feeling like I need to make a master list for the best ecomm / delivery services to share with you guys... thoughts?

Anyway, I decided on a piece of chantilly lace that I could drape over my hair but also wear as a long shawl to cover my shoulders for formal events. I'm even thinking I could wear it as a scarf... and probably good for flat-lays too (always thinking business)!

We have about two more ceremonial events coming this year so it will definitely get some use, I'll be sure to mention it so you can check it out!