I LOVE to travel. I'm not here to make you gush and get jealous over my travel photos, what's the point of that? I want to inspire you to have as much fun and adventure as I do so, I get really excited to share travel hacks and tip with you guys!

We've already gone over a few things...

I talked about how to ace affordable flights by getting cozy with airlines, travel miles, picking undesirable flight times, last minute deals and credit cards with my Ultimate Travel Hacker Guide - How I Spent 3 Months Traveling Last Year post.

Also, how to get around Europe without spending a zillion dollars by doing a fuck ton of research. Not like on Kayak research. Serious googling and researching of travel trends for common flight paths AKA cheap flight paths in my Summer Travel Hacks // How I'm Hitting Europe 4 Times in 4 Months post.

Are you convinced yet?

Okay, the only thing we haven't really covered in detail are accommodations, which are pretty damn important because that can be the biggest expense of all.

First things first, I need to preface this post with two statements...

1. This post is not sponsored, so the brand I am about to blast as god's gift to travel is my unbiased opinion.
2. Chill the fuck out on booking hotels in advance.

Unless you happen to be traveling like the same weekend as a major sporting event, conference or overall peak season in a small town with limited accommodations, you DO NOT need to book your hotel in advance.

There is always somewhere to stay. Remember that.

Booking in advance, at times, can save you a small percentage, if any. People are always freaking out about where to stay and it's just not necessary. Hotels aren't like flights, they are not significantly cheaper when booked in advance.

If you walk into a hotel the day you arrive to your destination, it will be the same cost as it was 3 months ago when you were looking online.

I have used the app Hotel Tonight for 99% of my travel for the last 3 years. It is basically an app that allows you to book hotels last minute for a discounted rate. I book it same day for the cheapest rate and they have a huge selection.

They have everything from basic to luxe hotels.

When I traveled Spain for two weeks at the end of 2016, each time I arrived in a new city I would book through Hotel Tonight and, no joke, I stayed in 4 and 5 star hotels for $100 per night. I think the most expensive place was in Barcelona for $150 and that's because they charged me a pet fee for bringing Penny.

Had I booked normally, I would have easily paid like $300 - $400 per night.

I literally saved over $4,000. I mean, it's not even about "saving money" at that point, I just wouldn't have been able to go at all.

I feel like this is why people freak about going on trips to Europe... I get it, a $7,000+ vacation is fucking retarded. I would never be able to travel if I didn't figure out ways to cut the costs.

I've used Hotel Tonight all over the world! Cancun, Paris, New York, LA, San Diego, Boston... the list goes on. I think Sergio has used it in all kinds of crazy places without me.

Recently I went to LA to host an event (it was amazing BTW - total milestone for THB Marketing House - take a look HERE) and stayed at the Roosevelt for for like $170 per night when the normal cost is $500+.

Bottom line, until throwing cash at convenience is no big deal,  you have to be a little flexible and using a platform like Hotel Tonight can make or break your travel budget!

My last tip on accommodation is pretty self explanatory...

Make Friends When You Travel.

I'm having a flashback of that scary move "Taken" when the girls are kidnapped because one of them foolishly talks to a strange man while she's alone somewhere in Eastern Europe.

NOT like that.

I mean seriously, in a safe way, make friends while you're traveling or take that friend up on an offer to stay at their friend's, cousin's, sister's house.

Of the 14 places I traveled to this year, I stayed at a friends house for 7 of them.

Considering I am a pro at getting flights for like 5 dollars, these trips were basically free - Corfu Greece, Santa Barbara, East Hampton, Marbella Spain, Venice, San Diego and Madrid Spain.

Being friendly and spontaneous has it's perks, don't be shy!