I haven't done a real breakdown of my skin routine in quite a while. In fact, I've actually never created a video about it until now.

I find it's better to talk about something rather than type about it... you know? Also, you can't see my SPARKLING personality via text so I feel like this is better.

I did a breakdown of my nighttime routine on my Insta Story Highlights but I promised a solid breakdown of the daytime routine. It's basically the same as at night except I use different brands and some of the products aren't as harsh (to avoid sensitivity to sunlight) or as thick since I don't want to mess up my daily makeup application with layers and layers of products.

I hope you liked the mini breakdown. I only want to create things you guys actually like or want to see, so if you want to see more of this, PLEASE let me know!


▹ LATHER - CUCUMBER GINSENG SPRAY - I use this as a face wash because I don't want to strip my skin of all the natural oils I accumulated while I slept. I cleanse my face REALLY well so I don't wake up with dirty skin. If you sleep with your makeup on (bad girl) or don't full cleanse, you'll need to use something more than a spray.

▹ DR DENNIS GROSS - PEEL PADS  - These. are. life. I usually only use them at night. But I use something similar during the day that I got from Park Ave Skin. The pads I use from PAS are made in office for my face so if you can make it to see Lauren, you've got to get these pads. If not, you can use the DDG peel pads which do the same thing.

▹ BIOEFFECT - 30 DAY ANTI-AGING SERUM - This is an intense anti-aging serum that I just started using. I don't have too much to report on this right now but I am working with them for the next month and I'll be reporting back in about two weeks!

▹ REVIVA - COLLAGEN SERUM - This is a super hydrating and tightening serum that I use during the day. You could use this at night but I noticed my skin felt tighter right after applying and I want a smooth tight surface to put makeup on.

▹ BUTTER ELIXIR - FACE OIL - This oil is super hydrating and lacks any harsh ingredients that I typically use at night.  The oil that I use at night has retinol in it, which is amazing for fine lines and skin imperfections but it also causes sun sensitivity. You DO NOT want to use retinol products during the day, I don't even use any acidic or clearing cleansers in the morning for this reason as well. That's another reason I use the spray over face wash.

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