The smiles lines... formally known as "nasolabial folds" are such a pest. It's one of the first places you might expect to notice signs of aging in both men and women.

Why? It's an area of your face that gets a ton of movement, talking, laughing, eating, smiling... and as we grow older, we lose elasticity in our skin that allows our face to bounce back from those movements.

Because of the way my face is shaped, it's just more noticeable on me and it's the first area I noticed aging skin. A while back, I tried Juvederm filler in that area but that was a miss and it's not really recommended by most skilled injectors because the products can "settle" in lower areas of the face, creating volume in the wrong areas.

So, I was on a mission for the solution and here's what I found...

1. Clarisonic or other vibrating brush exfoliator - I have used my Clarisonic for almost 4 years now and I'm die hard. When I first noticed those pesky little lines, they really weren't noticeable enough at that point to take action on a more notable level.

Devices like Clarisonic generate circulation, scrape away dead skin cells and put the skin in motion to create a steady flow of collagen production. Facial massaging in general helps with this but exfoliating in an upward sweep towards your cheek bones is a great way to get the blood flowing and diminish fine lines. (not sponsored BTW - just a MAJOR fan)

2. Chemical Peels - Okay, this does wonders for the skin. I saw the highest amount of peeling and healing on the lower half of my face, which really helped tighten and exfoliate but in a more intense way.

This little procedure is a great way to shock your skin into stimulating new cells and bring back elasticity. You can read all about my experience HERE for details.

3. Retinoid creams, serums, and my favorite, OILS - Retinoids are derivatives of vitamin A that unclog pores, boost collagen to reduce fine lines, and speed cell turnover to even out discoloration and smooth the skin.

Prescription strength is best, but if you don't go that route - I've been using THIS Pestle & Mortar Retinal Night Oil as well as THIS Ever Skin Overnight Facial Oil. You know I love a good oil so these products checks all the boxes!

4. Hyaluronic injectables along the cheek bones - This is my all time fav and SO much better than getting filler directly in your smile lines.

I got filler in my smile lines a while back but noticed it was unnatural looking. My smile was a bit wonky. I mean, no one would have actually noticed, but I did. Turns out, the real key is getting fillers along your check bones. You can read all about facial fillers HERE.

Adding volume to that area, lifts the skin and smoothes out the lines around the mouth... PLUS you look rested AF.

This is really my ultimate beauty must-have / secret. It's not really a secret because I tell everyone but a subtle lift to the cheeks makes a world of difference!

However, you have to go to someone that really knows what they are doing! You know me, I go to Lauren Abramowitz from Park Ave Skin and she does it RIGHT! Years ago, I went to a plastic surgeon in San Diego that really didn't do a good job... wrong placement, wrong product. Don't worry, it wasn't bad, it was just a real fucking waste of $800... injections weren't his strong suit.

Also, Lauren uses this special light called AccuVein. It is this light that highlights where your veins are so she can inject around them to avoid bruising. She even does this crazy thing where she can go UNDER the vein. Seriously she's the real deal.

I know I talk her up a lot but she deserves it!