Fashion Week is in full swing and I've had a chance to see some amazing shows and, more importantly, meet up with some of my favorite bad ass babes in NYC.

NYFW is such a bonding experience for me. I feel like a broken record but it needs to be said...

Our lives are SO digital now, it's easy to lose touch with that human element (you know, life in the real world). I honestly feel like technology is breeding introverts, it's crazy. I mean, I turned into a hermit crab there for a hot minute.

My life is online, literally. Even outside of blogging, Instagram, Facebook etc. as a society everyone is basically just as consumed as I am. It's actually really nuts when you think about it.

Last season, I wrote a post about why influencers NEED to be at Fashion Week (catch up HERE) and enjoying these priceless moments remind me why I'm so passionate about this topic.

Don't get me wrong, I am a slave to my email but it's easy to get lost behind the screen and not put equal emphasis on getting out there and building relationships.

There is not secret sauce to growing your business, everyone is different. You just need to get the fuck out there. Wether it's refining your aesthetic online, emailing 100 brands a day or hitting every event you can manage to network, it ALL needs to be done, so don't get lost in the digital world.

I can tell you, the most fruitful business relationships, blogging and otherwise, were forged in person through a mutual connection or randomly at an event.

Posing with my girl Diana Reyes @Dicarolina 

On that note, I wanted to share 3 tips for getting to Fashion Week and surviving it!

1. Reach Out Early - unless you're Rachel Zoe and people are begging you to sit front row at their show, you need to email and ask for invites. Like not the day before, about a month and a half before.

You need to turn into a full investigator and gather contacts. Google PR agencies handling show invites (search press releases - there is usually a contact at the bottom), troll Fashion GPS Radar (you need to sign up to organize invites, find contacts and request invites) and find websites like Modem Online that provide press lists (HERE).

Full stalker!

There is no short cut... you need to put in the work. Lists that you find online can be outdated and people change jobs all the time so you need to stay on top of it. I sent about 200 emails this year. I created a little template and copied and pasted it to each one.

Be sure to keep your message short, sweet and to the point. Let them know who you are, any media coverage you've done in the past, stats etc. Give them a reason to extend an invite... and DO NOT be afraid to pull a "fake it 'til you make it" move. It's all about confidence, it's like padding a resume, promote yourself any way you can!

Front row at All Comes From Nothing with Libby Vilner @lifewithlibby

2. Don't Let #NYFW Bog You Down - Fashion Week IS NOT for the fashion elite, it's for everyone. I mean you can't just show up  to a show but it isn't that far out of reach. If you want to go, you can make it happen. Shows are packed with all types of people, not just A list celebs and socialites. Take a deep breath and make a plan!

I have to tell you, I was such a stranger to the fashion world when I moved to New York, even though I had a fashion blog for years before I came here. I was super intimidated about Fashion Week, but seriously, it's not. I promise, but you have to seriously hustle to get invites.

3. Stay True To Your Style - I can't even with some of these outfits. I am NOT talking about people wearing crazy shit, seriously, do you. Fashion is about expression and I'm all for it. I'm talking about the person that wears neutral colors and jeans everyday and then shows up at Fashion Week in a bunch of bold styles they'd never wear otherwise.

For influencers, this is a great way to lose a connection with your audience. Your audience only knows you by how you portray yourself online (they know you as the person you tell them you are). You don't want followers sitting home to look at your photos and think... "I don't even know who you are anymore!"... but less dramatic haha.

It shows when you're not 100% yourself and honestly, I think it's a confidence killer. Uncomfortable, insecure vibes are not worth it for yourself and for your followers. Stay true to you!