They say, "the eyes are the window to the soul"... and sometimes I feel like my soul windows aren't looking so hot! Nothing worse than those pesky under eye issues, am I right?

All jokes aside, taking care of that area is serious business and requires special attention. For me, I get a little dark and a little sunken when I'm not on my game so I've come up with some tips that have made a world of difference!

▹ VIIcode Eye Masks - This isn't your average eye mask! It is an 8-hour, overnight treatment, which is different from other masks, although you can wear them for 4-hours during the day if you're a fussy sleeper. The gel-like material helps increase blood flow, lymphatic circulation, and boost oxygen intake to combat wrinkles and over-pigmentation.

For better results, I put them in the refrigerator to help with puffiness & dark circles to relieve my tired eyes. They also plump and smooth your skin - hello, love a good plump!

This is an amazing product, there isn't anything else like it. You can purchase it HERE & I'm also giving away a box!

To WIN your box of 6 VIIcode eye masks - comment on THIS Instagram post with your favorite tip from this post!
▹ Primers & Concealers - This is more of a cosmetic fix, than an actual fix - but trust me, totally necessary. There are two steps here (or layers, I should say) ...

First step is to prime with a warm / brighter (NOT LIGHTER - lighter colors can accentuate dark circles) color that is the most opposite of the color under your eyes.

Lighter skin tones should use more of a peachy, pink or yellow color, where darker skin tones should go for a more orange or red color. Blending different, warm pigments reflects light in that area for a soft-focus effect.

To blend the warmer colors into your face, you'll want to cover the area with a concealer but it should still be slightly warmer than the rest of your face color. For contouring, just make sure to use the lighter colors to the top of your cheeks and not to mix them with the under eye area.

▹ Caffeinated Eye Cream - This is the real deal & amazing for daily use. Caffeine reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles, dullness, and puffiness around the eyes.

BTW I use caffeine scrubs all over my body which also produces similar results (tight skin, tight bod - read up on my favorite Frank caffeinated body scrub HERE).

Anyway, this Origin's Refreshing Eye Cream creates smoother and hydrated skin, prevents premature aging and dryness & stimulates collagen production. Yaaaa collagen... that's next!

▹ Collagen Supplements - At this point, I am broker record but I can't stress the importance of collagen supplements. Aside from asisting with those under eye issues & drastically improving skin elasticity, collagen supports your entire body from the inside out. Here're how collagen helps...

▹ cellulite reduction
▹ stretch marks reduction
▹ joint pain (rheumatoid arthritis)
▹ helps heal Leaky Gut Syndrome
▹ helps individuals with Crohn’s diseases
▹ acid reflux
▹ boosts metabolism
▹ boosts muscle mass
▹ boosts energy
▹ strengthens hair, nails, and teeth
▹ improves liver health
▹ protects cardiovascular health

Aside from my usual supplements, which I've mentioned HERE, HERE & HERE, I've added Beauty Boost by Vital Proteins. I am die hard about this brand, they've got just about everything covered in this department. Beauty Boost is rich in Vitamin C, 100% vegan, non-GMO, all natural & helps the body product collagen.


▹ Vampire Facial: (PRP) - PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Essentially, your own plasma is injected into the face so that your body can naturally generate new tissue and stimulate collagen production. This isn't used as a filler, it's just plasma. It gets absorbed within minutes. Unlike injectables that plump you up & then get absorbed over time, the platelets & plasma get absorbed quickly & improve your skin's vitality over time.

I had this procedure done at Park Ave Skin and it has made a world of difference in two areas specifically, scaring & sunken eyes.

I had an acne scar that disappeared within 48 hrs and over the course of three weeks the fullness in my eyes has increased significantly. I was considering fillers because it was quite apparent in photos & part of my job is to have my photo taken regularly.

The change was so gradual I hardly noticed, until I looked in the mirror. My jaw dropped when I realized the reason I was looking so fresh and rested was because I had healthy, full eyes.

Read more about my experience with PRP at Park Ave Skin HERE.