As you know, I love to travel!!! This isn't a travel post but, per usual, travel inspires me in many ways.

When I think about a trip I'm taking or one that I plan to go on, my brain immediately goes to what outfits I can picture myself wearing at each location. I envision scenic backgrounds and then insert different looks into each. I fantasize photo shoots in my head. Does anyone else think this way???

Anyway, this summer I had three weddings to attend & all of them require long distance travel. Planning outfits are one thing, planning the right dress to wear to a wedding is another. I don't know why but it stresses me out.

Weddings are also the best photo ops! So, as a blogger, I know I can definitely snag a good pic since gowns are not typically part of my everyday look.

At the start of summer, I went online and started searching around for wedding appropriate dresses and I kept running into the same problems...

▹ The color wasn't right
▹ It was WAY out of my price range
▹ It didn't fit
▹ The color was perfect but the design was... bleh

The list goes on...

I had a specific look in mind but I wasn't finding what I wanted and the inspiration grew from there. I knew that I wanted a silk / satin material, long and elegant. I wore something similar last summer to a wedding in Rhode Island  - check it HERE.

I started thinking of ways I could create the 2.0 version.

I actually reached out to a designer from Guatemala that my friend Marisabel introduced me to, Karla Garzaro. Everything she creates is made to fit but I ran into a similar problem... way out of my price range. If I was going to spend the money, I wanted it to be EXACTLY what I wanted.

Next... I started research on creating my own dress. First, I had to find materials. I found Tissura Fabrics and I knew I found the right place. Literally any fabric you can think of is available on this site! I was in silk heaven!

I couldn't decide between the black, deep red or dark rose <--- you must check those colors. They are to die for.

Silk fabrics are must-haves for any woman’s wardrobe. It's such a natural and luxurious fabric. Tissura had the best selection I could find (the longest part was choosing - they literally have every shade you can think of). Plus, all of their premium silk is designed and produced exclusively in Europe. You know, I'm obsessed with everything from Europe!
So, why customize?

▹ Be unique! Everyone loves to have something special made just for them. There are endless possibilities! You and the clothing are one of a kind!!

▹ Style! If you customize your clothing and build it from scratch, it will be the perfect fit & you're likely to wear it more often! It's totally worth the $

3. By creating your own piece, you have the ability to control the price and still look like a million bucks!!

I was able to save time and money by taking a dress to the tailor that I already loved the cut and fit for. They were able to use it as a pattern to follow for my custom dress. Then I gave them the materials and it was SO easy.

Creating your own personal style doesn't have to be hard & it's a great way to have fun and stay unique.

I'll keep you guys updated on my finished custom dress!