I'm so excited to finally share my PRP rejuvenation experience from Park Avenue Skin Solutions.

You might be more familiar with the term "Vampire Facial" & a very popular photo of Kim Kardashian with blood all over her face. Ring a bell?

Anyway, I had this procedure done & I am OBSESSED with the results.

Before I go into the details, I want to let you guys know that I after my treatment, I have absolutely no wrinkles. The ones I had, softened up entirely. I haven't had botox in over 9 months so it's not a mix of the two.

PS. I'll be doing multiple, detailed posts on botox, fillers, misconceptions & tips very soon!

Anyway, back to my PRP treatment...

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Essentially, your own plasma is injected into the face so that your body can naturally generate new tissue and stimulate collage production.

Nothing artificial or "plumping" goes into the face. What was already in your body, goes back into your body.

So, here's how it goes down...

First, a specialist (Dr. Erica Walters from Park Avenue Skin Solutions in TriBeCa is absolutely amazing) takes a vial of your blood & puts it in a centrifuge, which separates the plasma from the other blood properties.

When the plasma is extracted, it's no longer red. It becomes a yellow liquid.

Then, the yellow plasma is injected to areas of the face that need a little help, where someone might have a fine line, wrinkle, acne scar, dark spot or hyper-pigmentation.

As a reminder, this isn't used as a filler, it's just plasma. It gets absorbed within minutes. Unlike injectables that plump you up & then get absorbed over time, the platelets & plasma get absorbed quickly & improve your skin's vitality over time.

Then, a micro needle is used along with the plasma to create a controlled injury on the skin & generate collagen production.

For example...

When you get a normal cut or injury, your body starts the healing process from the blood inside and creates a scab. When it's fully healed, the scab falls off and you have fresh new skin underneath.

The micro needle recreates that process by creating tiny little injuries on the skin so it will generate fresh new tissue. By adding the PRP, it's healing much faster & creating beautiful fresh new skin.

This part doesn't hurt at all but it does cause bleeding, which is what you've seen photos of. I took a nice bloody one for you =)

Here is what I looked like during the procedure...
The downtime really wasn't bad. I was fire red for about two days because I took Advil the night before due to horrible period cramps. Taking blood thinners causes bruising, so as long as you take care before and after you'll be fine.

In fact, many people are able to go out the same day or even the next day & look totally normal.

Part of my skin regimen is completing a series of sun sensitive procedures before summer is in full swing & then take care of botox and fillers during the sunny season. So, it's been amazing to see the results without the help of injectables.

For me, the results were immediate! I had this acne scar that was pretty dark and it cleared up within two days. You would have no idea it was there in the first place.
let's talk about the wrinkle situation though...

I had this wrinkle in the middle of my forehead that went strait across my entire forehead. It is so soft now, it's not even noticeable anymore!

My smile lines had been an issue for me previously. I used to get those filled in with Juvederm and I haven't done that in a very long time because of the work I've done with the Lumecca (catch up here), chemical peel (catch up here) & PRP.

My face is so naturally smooth & plump in all the right areas, it's incredible to see. I look 25 again!

A few days after

I am so happy I did this procedure and I would highly recommend it for anyone. I went in for my final Lumecca session before summer today, so I will do a full recap on everything in a few weeks! You're going to die when you see the before and after of my sun damage.

Also, if you're wondering why I do so much to my skin or you're thinking about starting to do more... it's all about prevention.

I have a few friends that want to wait until they "look old" before they start getting work done. I don't mean to sound like an asshole but you know you can't reverse aging right? If you want to wait until you look "aged", you've already waited too long.
You can't reverse aging! You can only delay it! I can't stress that enough.
Taking care of your skin now will help you later.

Next, we'll be talking about fillers & botox with the expert injector, Lauren from Park Avenue Skin Solutions.

Send me your questions before hand so I can be sure to address them in my post!