Hey babes!

I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces from Greece & what I'll continue to wear all summer long!

I've been really savvy with my spending recently, as I am going to be traveling a lot this summer. I found some amazing deals on swimwear and killer beauty products!

If there is anything you saw from my Instagram or stories that I didn't post, let me know and I'll send you the shop link.


Let's get to the details...

1. Romwe Black One Piece - This suit is so HOT it's crazy. Sometimes I feel like one piece swimwear is sexier than bikinis because it's such a tease. I haven't felt like showing my belly much - I've been lagging on the sit ups. So, I am really into anything that covers that area. This one is amazing. It was under $20 and I love the way it gives you some sultry side boob action.

2. Epicuren Propolis SPF - Body SPF is a tricky one for me. I am so picky. It needs to have zinc in it and I need to be able to blend it easily. This stuff is amazing. I was in the sun all week and I didn't even break a tan line it was so powerful. Not to mention, it absorbs really quickly and smells wonderful!

3. Becca Swim Cut-Out One Piece - I died when I saw this online. The price point is amazing & you know I love a good lingerie bodysuit. I was so excited to learn that this was actually a swimsuit, I didn't even hesitate to buy it. Also, it is the best fitting suit in my wardrobe right now. It hugs all the right areas & it's a real crowd pleaser - Sergio approves.
4. Epicuren Aloe Mist - Normally, I wouldn't find this type of product something to chat about but I had a pretty in depth experience with this spray.

You know I am psychopath with my skin - talk about the worst panic attack ever when I realized I forgot to pack face wash! I seriously felt claustrophobic thinking about all the build up on my skin just from the 5 minutes it took me to search my entire bag like a crazy person - let alone the rest of my trip!!

The ONLY thing suitable for face cleansing was this spray. It's really not meant for that, but it worked like a charm the entire week & even mid day for a refresher.

5. Desi Perkins x Quay 'High Key' - What can I say, I am major fan. I have the 'High Key' aviator in 6 colors. It fits my face so well, so why change!?

One of my friends asked if I was getting paid to wear them because I seem to be wearing them A LOT. The answer is NO, I just love the fit!

6. SheIn Flower Kimono - I love this dress because it looks strait off The Reformation website but it was like $20! I am obsessed with wrap style dresses and tops. Whenever I shop online it's automatically populated in my search at every store. It's so versatile and chic.

7. Zara Knotted Swimsuit - I was surprised at how nice the fit and quality was of this swimsuit, as I've never purchase swimwear from Zara before. It was seamless, which is a MAJOR must for any style. I try to avoid pinching at all costs. It was so unique and such a bargain.
8. Ipanema Sandals - I have to admit, when I think of plastic sandals my brain goes right to Crocs so I was a little very hesitant... but OMG I LOVE THESE SANDALS. I wore them everyday in Greece and almost everyday since I've been home. They are so fabulous, you can't even tell they are plastic and they are so comfortable.

9. ARK Swimwear in 'Rust' - I immediately fell in love with this suit because of the color. I've been wanting something in this shade for a while because it basically looks like you're naked. I bought this cut in both rust & black - I would recommend a bigger size in the top from whatever you normally wear & the bottoms are full Brazilian. It's SO sexy, I'm getting hot just thinking about it...


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Enjoy your weekend!!