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 When it comes to my hair, I always keep it simple. I don't use a ton of product and I only get my hair colored & cut once per year - twice if I'm feeling frisky.

However, I am sort of anal when it comes to how my hair is colored, cut & what I use to style it. Today we're going to have a little hair talk - color & products I live by ...

|  T O O L S  |

▹ Bio Ionic’s GoldPro Dryer
▹ Bio Ionic's GoldPro styling wand
▹ Mason Pearson hair brush

Up until about 2 months ago, I had been using the same curler for 6 years. It still worked great & I'll do anything to save a dollar! I noticed my hair was so much dryer than normal and, after some research, it was in part because I had been frying up my hair with old tools.
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My old hairdryer was a CHI with a ceramic heater. When I first started using it, my hair was like salon silky. It was insane! It's around 3 years old and the results haven't been the same for about a year now.

I didn't think my styling tools had anything to do with it.

I decided to set aside my trusty old tools and try some new ones. After just one styling, I noticed a difference & didn't have to use as much product for smoothing.

To blow dry I've been using Bio Ionic’s GoldPro Dryer. It's is infused with 24K gold which insures constant conditioned heat. I was sold on 24K gold! It drys SOOOO fast & on most days, I don't even need extra product to smooth.

Also, instead of using my ancient Conair curler (which I fucking LOVE - lol) I started using the Bio Ionic's GoldPro styling wand. It's also infused with 24K gold & it's amazing.

The gold infused tools help hydrate the hair while applying high heat.
bio ionic, evo hair, cloud 9, mason pierce
While I tried these new tools, I also tried a different brand flat iron with titanium plates & seriously my hair was so frizzy and dry it was crazy. (I don't like to give negative reviews so I won't reveal the brand). The point is, ceramic tools are much more conditioning & I can't believe I didn't start using these sooner.

I am die hard for my Mason Pearson boar bristle hair brush! It is the ultimate grooming tool. I'm not going to lie, this brush is a splurge but I've had it for years & it's my most prized beauty possession. Totally worth the investment.

The high-quality bore bristle distributes natural oils throughout hair & exfoliates the scalp to stimulate circulation of the hair follicles. It makes my hair so smooth and it's amazing for detangling after the shower.

alyssa melendez
THE LOOK // black wrap skirt // off the shoulder top

|  C O L O R  |

I feel like this is one thing you have to be crazy picky, psycho about. I've had friends go to the wrong colorist or go too light / dark & end up losing hair PLUS spending tons of money repairing the damage.

I don't get traditional highlights in my hair, I get ombre balayage - it is a soft natural, good look for any hair color.

With balayage, no foil or meche are used to create the highlights, which allows for creation of this effortless style. My colorist, Patrick Prinzo at Marie-Lou & D in SoHo is the BOMB. By far, the best I've ever had.

Flashback to 2015 and I had these crazy streaks in my hair from a highlight gone wrong, I cringe when I see the photos. Never again!
"The end result is absolutely stunning on Alyssa– balayage highlights, with an ombre look on golden blonde hair. It's a great summer color and a look that's easy to style, maintain, and again very soft and pretty which suits her." - Patrick
If you're in NYC, this is the place! Tell them I sent you =)
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|  P R O D U C T S  |

Like I said before, I am super simple when it comes to hair products. I feel like I need to start trying more, but I love what I've been using so much that I don't want to change anything.

I've always been a major fan of Kerastase (they use the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oil at Marie-Lou & D - my hair is incredibly silky after a visit) but it's not a part of my current at-home routine.

I have like 100 different shampoos & conditioners in my shower so I can't begin to choose which one to recommend, besides all of them. I'll have to sit down and figure out a post on what's in my shower! Until then, my favorite brands are currently Evo & John Freida.
bio ionic, evo hair, cloud 9, mason pierce
After I get out of the shower there are two products I live by.

I am anal about conditioning. I will seriously get back in the shower and recondition if my my hair doesn't brush when I get out.

Instead of allowing my inner maniac take control, I let leave-in conditioners take the wheel. Both products don't weigh down my hair at all.

The blowout serum is a heat activated, leave-in conditioner that shortens drying time. Anything to save me time, is my best friend.

I love and use everything Evo in the shower - I have chatted about them a few times catch up here, here & here.

BTW sorry if I have been a little MIA with posting - SO much going on over here. All great things though. THB Marketing House is taking up so much of my time - if you're an influencer & you haven't signed up go to so we can start matching you with brands for collabs & events!