I don't know about you, but when I'm hungover my skin looks like shit. I get sort of puffy, wrinkles I didn't even know I had all of a sudden appear because I'm dehydrated & I just don't feel or look my best all together.

I feel like 100 yrs old now, especially considering all the years I somehow partied 7 nights a week (literally) and made it to work on time everyday. I don't know how I did it but those days are long gone!

Like, 2 glasses of wine & I'm dead to the world.

You know I am a maniac about my beauty regimen (can't wait to tell you about my PRP rejuvenation aka Vampire facial with Dr. Erica at Park Avenue Skin Solutions - my beauty sanctuary) so, it should come as no surprise that I have some serious hangover beauty hacks up my sleeve.

BTW I was too hungover to write this on Saturday... feeling much better today!

1. Sheet Masks - I've used sheet masks on and off for a while now. I've always liked them but maybe never understood just how amazing they are until recently.

Since I've been getting laster, peels, PRP & prepping my skin for summer, every time I finish a procedure they either immediately put a sheet mask on me or I'm instructed to do so when I get home.

It's like crack. The skin can't get enough. It's just soaking up the goodness.

I leave them on for as long as possible & you're not supposed to rinse after so, you just remove the sheet and rub in the leftover solution.

These are great for everyday use but especially amazing when a hangover hits. I prefer sheets from Patchology - I also use their lip & eye gels. The illuminate sheet mask is amazing for brightening!

patchology sheet mask
2. Castor Oil - I am actually going to write an entire post dedicated to castor oil because this is serious.

Let's start from the begining...

I was in an elevator after my last spray tan at Brazil Bronze SoHo (amazing team, if you're in NYC you must go here) but their building happens to have the slowest elevator in New York.

I was only on the 4th floor & was in there so long that I managed to make a new friend on the way down.

So, I'm talking to this man that is in his 70's and I tell him I got a spray tan because I'm such a skin psycho and refuse to go in the sun.

He looks at me and says, "feel my face"

I'm thinking, "what the fuck?"

He seemed harmless so, I go ahead. As I'm feeling his nearly wrinkle free face, he just says, "cold pressed castor oil".

He tells me he has used it day and night all over his body for like 50 years! His skin was insane though. He had no wrinkles and it was so smooth it was crazy.

You know how you can tell someones age by the way their hands look? His hands looked better than mine. I swear.

I'll try anything, but for some reason I never wanted to use castor oil because it's crazy thick. I use all types of oils on my face but only light or dry oils. I was convinced it would make me break out.

Since I had my vampire facial, I am in the healing process so I figured I could suffer a few pimples to have well healed & radiant skin.

After 1 day, my skin was like 99% healed & the pimple that I had actually cleared up. I was GLOWING & zero zits.

So, back to the hangover situation... castor oil is incredible for nighttime use. Personally, I think it's too thick to use during the day if you're planning to wear makeup.

But on hangover days when you're at home, lather it on and let your skin soak it up. You will look so good, trust me.

Here is the link to the one I use.
3. Wash you hair - This sounds weird but it makes the biggest difference for me. Like, night & day.

I don't know what it is but I feel more hungover if I shower but skip washing my hair.

I haven't found any evidence to back up my theory but it makes sense why it would be make me feel better.

Alcohol comes out of your pores and if it's in your hair the day after it's hard for me to think that it wouldn't make a difference.

Even if there are no physical benefits, it feels refreshing to be 100% clean.

I've been using Amika Velveteen Dream Smoothing Shampoo & conditioner. My hair is so smooth after washing, it has really helped with my dry ends. Even Sergio made a comment about his hair & he's never mentioned shampoo as long as I've known him!

Also, their dry shampoo is out of this world. I promised a top dry shampoo post a while back & they'll be added into it for sure!

4. Floss - Again, I have no evidence to back up this theory but reallllly cleaning up after a night of drinking totally helps!

I mean, you should really floss everyday (I am more like once every few days - don't judge me, I'm just lazy).

This is kind of gross but it totally makes sense - in my brain, at least.

If food gets leftover when you eat, why wouldn't alcohol get left over when you drink?

BTW I am obsessed with this coconut floss (cocofloss) I've been using, I highly recommend it. Not only is the scent delicious but it's literally the best floss you can use.

Coconut oil is one of the most effective ways to prevent tooth decay, improve gum health, whiten teeth & more. Google - "coconut oil pulling" & get ready to have your mind blown.

cocofloss beauty water
5. Beef Liver tablets - don't knock it 'til you try it! It's not nearly as beefy & livery as it sounds. It looks and tastes like a regular multivitamin but it's a million times better.

I take these everyday but when I'm hungover they are a lifesaver. Not only does it give you healthy skin, hair and nails, it helps to regulate the immune system, energy levels, brain health & digestive system.

ALL of which need a little help mid hangover.

Even more than the beauty element, they actually make me feel better.

6. Beauty Water - This is the real deal. When a hangover strikes, drinking A LOT of water is important. The main reason drinking makes you feel shitty in the morning is because you're super dehydrated.

Lavender Lemon Collagen Beauty Water by Vital Proteins is next level. This is also something I take everyday but it's especially beneficial after a night out. It's a blend of collagen, hyaluronic acid, probiotics, lemon & lavender.

I've talked about collagen a lot (catch up on my latest collagen reads here // here & you must get the details on my beauty muffins).

Anyway, it promotes youthful skin, healthier hair, and stronger nails PLUS it contributes to deeper sleep, healthy immune, digestive, and central nervous systems.

I've added it to water, kombucha & tea - I'm obsessed.

I hope this helps after your next night out! If you have any tips, let me know. Hangovers are the worst!
BTW my cute ass hair band is from Harts & Pearls (love a good palm print) & my glasses are from my monthly subscription to the WearMePro // Shadesbox where I get 3 new glasses & sunglasses delivered for only $30 every 3 months.

Have an amazing week!