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Living in New York people always say things like, 'Oh, you have the best restaurants blah blah'. Yes, there are something along the lines of 24 thousand restaurants in Manhattan and some of the finest dining. In my opinion, the number of places only increases the likeliness of eating at a shitty restaurant. Trust me, they are not all good. I've had some real garbage.

However, in Spain, I swear no matter where you go, the food is good. I've eaten at rinky-dink little hole in the wall spots and had the best meals of my life.

So, while traveling to that region it's not a matter of finding good food, it's a matter of finding good restaurants with a good vibe.

Spain is always a must this time of year, particularly the coastal areas like Barcelona. If you haven't been, this needs to be at the top of your list. Trust me! Among the memorable moments I've had there, the dining is truly my favorite.

For those of you traveling here or planning to stop there in the future, here are 4 trendy and delicious restaurants in Barcelona...


this place was by far my favorite. From the industrial chic design (so perfect for Instagram photos) to the service & then, of course, the food everything was spot on. I actually found the story behind the name to be one of the most charming aspects of this hot spot. 2254 is the kilometers between Palermo to Barcelona. The chef traveled along the coast & mountains between the two spots to create a menu with filled with coastal Mediterranean dishes from Italy, France & Catalonia. If you go there, ask for Marc & tell him you know me, he will be so happy to meet you! Anyway, about the food. I'm not exaggerating when I say I tried everything. These were my favs...

 Smoked Sardines (this was insane -  I'm not a big sardine fan but this dish was out of this world)
▹ Foie Gras with pickled vegetables
 Spanish Oxtail with foie gras - (slow cooked and SO tender)
 Truffle Potato Mochi
▹ Squids & Mushrooms


So, this is actually an American food restaurant, which one ideally wouldn't go to when visiting from America. However, it's definitely a place to go if you want a slice of home while you're away or want to visit a really hip place. The decor is amazing, it's very chic & cool, the walls have white subway tiles, there are retro chandeliers & unique art pieces all around. The food is great & it's a super happening brunch spot. Also, the BEST pancakes I've had in quite a while! These were my favs...

▹▹ Sweet Pancakes (fruit all over, even inside)
▹▹ Chicken & Guacamole Bagel Sandwich
▹▹ Nachos


This place is wonderful. It's situated on a terrace at the Hotel Arts with a view of the Mediterranean. There are gardens all around you, they pluck fresh herbs right in front of you to put in your food. I watched our server grab fresh mint for my tea, it was heavenly. The food is amazing. It is a mix between local cuisine and Mediterranean. If you visit Barcelona during the summer this is THE SPOT to go for food, drinks and hot social scene. These are my favs...

▹▹ Croquetas
▹▹ Los Raviolis
▹▹ Ceviche

This was by far some of the best sushi I've ever had & I've read it is the best in Barcelona. The restaurant has such a fun, sexy vibe - we sat in the lounge with a large party. The sushi and sashimi is so well done & I'm not talking about crispy, crunchy, bullshit rolls. It's all about the incredible nigiri and sashimi.

▹▹ Butterfish nigiri
▹▹ Tuna & foie nigiri
▹▹ Deep fried ice cream