pesto feta veggie pizza

Pizza is something I make ALL the time. It's so quick & easy. I always thought it was such a production, but it totally isn't, I made this for lunch today in just a few minutes! It would be more time consuming if I made my own dough, but I get mine at Whole Foods or at my local market, which really simplifies things.

Whole Foods has a great selection of gluten-free, organic, wheat options. Depending on my mood, I'll decide which one to get. Either way, making pizza at home is a great meal, any day of the week & usually healthier than eating pizza elsewhere.

For this recipe I used organic white dough from my local market... I was feeling rebellious. 

Most of the time when I make pizza, I just throw on whatever I have in the refrigerator. Things you wouldn't expect taste good baked on a crust, trust me! My last one had mexican queso fresco on it... SO GOOD.

For the sauce, I used pesto. I always have this on hand, you can use it for any dish. View my everyday skinny pesto recipe here. If you buy it from the store, just make sure to look at the ingredients. If you aren't familiar, the only thing that should be in pesto is cheese, garlic, nuts, oil, leaves, salt & pepper. Pesto recipes can differ but just make sure there are no additives or weird ingredients. There is NO need.

Before we get to the directions... If you aren't a fan of the ingredients, don't be afraid to change things up. You can use any ingredients you want & the method / cook time is basically the same. The only time it's different is if you are cooking meat on your pizza. We can go over that another time but, generally, you should cook the meat first before adding it as a topping (at least 90% cooked).

Let's get cooking...


▹ pizza dough
▹ pesto
▹ feta cheese
▹ bell pepper
▹ mushrooms
▹ chives
▹ red pepper flake (can be left out if you don't like spice)
▹ salt & pepper

Set your oven to 475 degrees. Sprinkle flour on a flat surface to roll out the dough. The flour keeps it from sticking to the surface. If you don't have a circular pizza pan, flatten the dough to the shape of your baking sheet. If you don't have a roller, I've used a bottle of wine before and it worked just fine! haha. Your hands work great as well. 

Once the dough is flat flat put it on your baking sheet.

Spread the peso onto the dough, leaving some space on the edges. Place a layer of mushrooms, then a layer of sliced bell pepper and top with cheese, red pepper flakes, salt & pepper.

Place in the over for 20-25 minutes. 

Sprinkle with chopped chives & enjoy!