oficina 1m

TGIF babes! As I was thinking of where I wanted to eat lunch today, I decided to share some of my favorite lunch spots in NYC. I am going to start writing out top places to go for you guys. So, wether you live in New York or just come for a visit, you'll know where to go with my New York itineraries!

I'm a lower Manhattan girl, I won't go past Chelsea (even that seems like a crazy trek) for anything. Seriously, I'll find any reason not to make the trip.

Lower Manhattan neighborhoods are just SO me. Super hip, chic, fresh, trendy... everything. Also, I like to walk - it's my cardio. If I can get there by foot, even better.

Whenever I have friends that come for a visit, they ALWAYS say, "let's go somewhere cool". I love that comment. Basically, everywhere down here is "cool". That's why I live down here & never leave.

However, don't let the "cool" factor fool you in terms of cost, everywhere in this city is expensive.

I may never get used to the cost of living here...

Until then... here are my top 5 lunch spots in NYC.

▹ LOCANDA VERDE - This is my favorite spot in TriBeCa - urban Italian dining at it's finest. It's in the best location - stone streets, next to the water & light shopping. The food is amazing, it's not heavy Italian fare. It's very hip! Many bloggers and celebs eat there. My favorite dish is the Eggplant Sandwich with burrata, tomato, escarole, roasted peppers... YUM.

▹ CIPRIANI SOHO - If you are visiting NYC, you must have lunch or dinner here. It is in the heart of SoHo & the best place to stop for a bellini & a cool bowl of gazpacho after a day of shopping. The crowd is very chic. I ate next to Olivia Palermo & her husband the last time I was there. If it's good enough for her...

▹ BALTHAZAR SOHO - This is a New York institution & one my favorite spots for a little escargot & rosé. Again, in the heart of SoHo - best neighborhood in NYC. It is a sister restaurant to one of my favorite dinner places in my neighborhood, Augustine at the Beekman (will add that to a dinner list).

▹ OFICINA 1M - I have probably eaten here 10x more than any other place in this city. I'm obsessed with the vibe & the crowd. It's an intimate space and the décor is amazing. It's like grunge meets Alice in Wonderland - cement floors & rustic furniture with china tea sets. They serve tequila and champagne in tea sets! My favorite dish is the Truffle Frittata.

▹ THE BUTCHER'S DAUGHTER - This is the perfect weekday lunch hotspot. It's in Nolita - amazing neighborhood too. Super trendy, sort of hard to get a table but worth the wait. It is a juice bar and restaurant so there are a ton of healthy options. All the food is amazing - I couldn't begin to choose one dish to talk about. I never feel guilty after eating there either because it's all so fresh.