Alexandra Clancey
You know me, I'm all about efficient & effortless... everything. When it comes to fashion I am all about the 'no fuss' attire.

On days  that I know I have a full day as well as evening activities, I plan my outfits to flow easily from day to night, with some minor changes.

Changing a few simple things can easily transform your look.

1. Shoes - sometimes changing your shoe is all you need. Shoe's can make a big difference! Wearing casual shoes can tone down a look. Add your favorite party shoes and turn your office attire into a nighttime chic look.

2. Lipstick - a BOLD lip can do wonders to a look. I don't wear bold lips during the day, I feel like it's just too much for me. Keep a lipstick in your purse & maybe some eye liner to pump up your beauty vibe for evening hours.

3. Handbag - This makes a big difference. Unless you have absolutely no choice, never wear a satchel or a big bag out at night. I am so easy going with fashion, I'll wear just about anything, anywhere but I draw the line at big bags at night. So, this is the best way to turn your day look to night. Switch up your Marry Poppins bag to a clutch or small purse.

Alexandra Clancey