One of the main reasons I am able to make travel a part of my routine is taking short trips. People tend to look at me funny when I tell them I'm traveling to Europe or some remote destination across the world for two or three days (especially my dad). 

I've always traveled this way.

I don't put traveling on a pedestal & wait for the right time, the right situation, the right amount of money to have that perfect trip. I just go. If I waited until I could take 10 days off and take that trip I would NEVER be able to go! 

Who has that kind of time?!

I'm fortunate enough to have a partner like Sergio that prefers to travel the same way. 

There is a difference between traveling & taking a vacation. We don't take vacations.

We have been on a "vacation" once in two years but have traveled to so many different countries (him way more than me... he's on a flight once a week). Read about the 7 countries and 22 cities I visited last year here.

We work the entire time or go for a few days over the weekend to relax like we would at home. We aren't turing off the emails & checking out.

 Anyway, there's never the right time to take that big European vacation, have a baby, start a business, clean your closet, whatever! You just have to go for it.

Paris... planned only two weeks in advance & only for 3 days. (Read my Ultimate Travel Hacker Guide for saving $$$ on airfare here)

Trust me, it was not the right time to go but there was an opportunity and I took it. I didn't over plan & fill my itinerary with seeing everything in Paris or go shopping at Prada. There's always next time! 

I just went, took some meetings, ate some food and enjoyed myself. 

So, for your Paris weekend... I made a mini itinerary of some spots you MUST go to.
where to stay ▹ Peninsula Hotel ▹ Hôtel Costes ▹ Raffles Royal Monceau Paris  where to eat ▹ Brasserie Le St Ferdinand ▹ Cafe de l'Homme ▹ Victoria Paris  where to drink ▹ The Bar - Hôtel Costes ▹ Rooftop of the Peninsula Hotel  what to see ▹Arc de Triomphe ▹The Louvre ▹ Eiffel Tower (duh) ▹ Champs-Élysées
Here were the most memorable on the itinerary...

Hôtel Costes was amazing!!!! I can't even stress enough how fucking cool this place was. I didn't know before I arrived but everyone was there. Chiara Ferragni and Fedez were on a date at the table next to us... so I figured I was in the right place. The Bar at Costes was amazing. It's dark with velvet seats and tapestries. It's VERY sexy.

Victoria Paris was such a fun and chic dinner spot. Everyone there was sickeningly beautiful, men & women. The music was perfect, decor was so on point & the food was amazing. It was one of those places that felt like a party without being at a party. At some point people did start dancing next to the DJ booth. It was great.

The Rooftop of the Peninsula Hotel is the perfect place for a drink. It's a major hot spot during the summer but even with the icy weather, it was such a beautiful spot to see the Eiffel Tower & enjoy some champagne.

PS... here is some video footage from our trip


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