You know me, trying everything & always looking for a good deal.

I am, admittedly, every online business's ideal client. I'll try anything, especially if I see their ad on facebook. Almost every brand I wear now, I found on a facebook ad, so in case you were wondering if they are effective... the answer is YES. ( I use them for business as well )

Anyway, I'm not an overconsumer by any means, I buy things in small quantities to try and I am a major fan of returning items. I don't typically buy from places that don't allow returns, can't handle that kind of commitment.

I always see these ads for Romwe on my facebook showing the cutest items. At the same time, the price is like crazy low and I wondered if it might be a scam so I didn't buy at first.

Eventually, I started with a small purchase of a few items. I sort of felt like I hit the jackpot. Seriously the cutest stuff!

Listen, you get what you pay for. You're not getting 100% silk blouses for $20 but they have some REALLY cute clothes & very affordable.

I LOVE stripes! I think they are so chic. On every pattern... pants, tops, skirts, you name it, I love it.

Check out some of my favorite striped styles from Romwe with a few other goodies in the mix.