homemade hummus
I bet you didn't know The Haute Brunette started with the intention of being cooking / food blog! I got REALLY into cooking 5 years ago & wanted to write a cookbook. I created a blog so I would have somewhere to store my recipes for when I decided to pull the trigger on the cookbook.

My oh my how things have changed... but that will happen eventually when I find an extra 5 seconds to focus.

So, let's get to the 5 second homemade hummus.

I came home from an afternoon meeting with my photographer, Noah (check him out here - he's the best) & I was craving pancakes.

Just a little FYI - pancakes are my favorite food. I eat them multiple times a week... it's bad. I've figured out a semi-healthier way to make them without eating those faux pancakes that every blogger makes with bananas and eggs, which do not satisfy me.

I'll do a post on that another time though.

Anyway, when I opened the cupboard I realized I was out of coconut flour (I was so bummed out... still am) but there was a can of chickpeas staring me in the face.

I've never actually made hummus before but I just grabbed some ingredients I had at home and whipped some up.

I'm not going to lie, I have a set of seriously sophisticated taste buds. I know that sounds weird but I can taste a food, tell you exactly what's in it and recreate it so easily. I suppose it's a mix of being obsessed with food and being super savvy in the kitchen. Cooking is an art to me, it feeds my belly and my soul.

If you didn't see already, I shared this little recipe on insta-stories and figured I should be helpful and write it down for you guys.

In a blender / food processor add the following ingredients...

▹ 1 can of chickpeas
▹ 2 garlic cloves
(I put 3 because I'm obsessed with garlic. It's my all time secret for keeping my immune system up. I have't had a cold in SO long after being sick for a year strait when I moved to the germ infested city of New York. Garlic & essential oils are life - read up on my essential oil anti-viral recipe here)
▹ 1 tablespoon of tahini - 100% organic ground sesame seeds
▹ 1 handful of pine nuts
▹ 1/2 cup of sesame oil
▹ 1 large pinch of salt
▹ 1 large pinch of black pepper


Blend together until completely smooth. You can add as little or as much oil as you want. I try to stay conservative on the oil. You can use EVOO but I think sesame oil is better suited for this recipe. You can also leave out the pine nuts and tahini if you're allergic to nuts. It tastes just fine that way.

I love creating my own concoctions in the kitchen, it's so therapeutic for me. Have fun with it & play around with the ingredients to see what tastes the best for you!