You know me, I love a good basic. That word has been given such a bad wrap but I love everything basic. I like basic coffee & tea, basic-no-fuss home decor, basic pasta and you know I love simple closet basics.

I only like to jazz it up here and there and right now I am digging plaid accents. There is a really cute ass plaid shirt from Zara I've been wearing recently (you can check it out here in my post about pops of red), which totally inspired this theme.

I also love a little cropped jacket. It's super fun but doesn't provide warmth so it's perfect for spring and summer. This outfit was kind of Plane Jane before I added it. Sometimes a little accent piece is all you need to really pull the entire look together.

Here are some of my favorite pieces right now...


Plaid is just one of those prints that is ALWAYS in style. It has never left. I love Rails tops because they are made incredibly well and they're so chic. Trust me, you CAN go wrong with plaid so it's always good to go with a brand that knows their shit. They've some how managed to brilliantly bring elegance to a very casual, grungy style.

Plaid mini skirts and trousers are so hot right now, you can pair them with everything. Even other prints. It sounds dangerous but you should try it out, have fun with it!

I'll keep it short and sweet because I am working on a fun video today with Park Avenue Skin Solutions (you guys won't want to miss this next week) & getting read for my best friend Shannon to get here from San Diego. We are going to tear up the town this weekend but I need to get my life together before my two day hangover sets in.