With all the craziness of life, even working from home, I rarely have time to make breakfast. So, with the madenss of fashion week, I thought this would be the perfect time to share one of my favorite morning meal replacements. It 's packed with caffeine & beauty foods PLUS it's quick and easy!

This week, on top of everything else I have to do, I now need to make time for shows, photos & events. It sounds like fun, which it is, but it's A LOT of work & high on the priority list. After all, blogging is a business and within the first three days made some incredible business contacts I wouldn't have made otherwise. This rarely happens, but I've hardly had time to eat (kind of wish that happened more, if you catch my drift) so on days when I'm not at home I really depend on my morning routine to keep me energized until I find the time.

I call this shake a "meal replacement" but it doesn't necessarily need to be. I always eat light in the morning so it does fill me up enough to replace a meal and it's perfect for a mid day snack or even dessert if I remove the caffeine.
add the following to a blender / mixer / whatever you have...


2 bananas - I prefer one frozen and one un-frozen. I don't like both warm because I think it tastes weird having a warm shake and then I don't like both frozen because it prevents some of the other ingredients from blending well & getting that creamy texture. Either way is fine though.


flax seedOmega-3 essential fatty acids, heart-healthy effects, antioxidant qualities & high in fiber.

coconut flakes

chia seedsThey are loaded with fiber, protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and various micronutrients. Plus they help you stay full longer.

vanilla collagen peptides powder - I usually use unflavored powder but for this shake it makes an amazing difference if you get vanilla. I saw blogger babe Erica at Fashion Lush talking about it on insta-stories and she insisted the Vital Proteins vanilla coconut. She was totally right, the taste is great and it brings out a creamier texture. I LOVE collagen powders and it's benefits to the body, inside and out. It works to maintain the skin's elasticity, while plumping and hydrating to hide the appearance of fine lines... bye bye wrinkles!

+ mct oil - I wrote about this in my recipe post for the Mega Babe Matcha Latte (catch up here). To break it down, MCT oil is concentrated coconut oil. It makes your brain function go through the roof. It's like natural ADD medication and it also supports healthy digestion, immune function and... drum roll please... helps you lose weight. You can substitute with coconut oil but the effects won't be as intense.

+ 1/2 tablespoon raw / organic / unsweetened cacao powder - this stuff is great, it's NOT the same as coco powder. This is CACAO in the raw form. It provides wonderful health benefits, as it is packed with anti-oxidants, nutrients to assist in cardiovascular health, vitamin E which assists with anti-aging and more. The taste alone is like unsweetened dark chocolate, it's always best mixed with something else so it's not so bitter.

+ 1 teaspoon maca root powder - this is a great supplement for strength, endurance, stress management as well as providing an abundance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It is also known to increase "sexual function". Funny story - I went to my Chinese herbalist, Dr. Wong at Zhongguo Yaochai on Division Street. If anything, you need to visit this guy just for a laugh because he is hysterical. He introduced me to maca root a few years back but the situation was really funny. I went in there with Sergio and he made the obvious assumption that we were dating. He handed me some maca root and with a big smile on his face and enthusiasm said, "take for power sex!". Besides providing us with a good laugh, I obviously bought some, who wouldn't want a little "power sex", am I right? Dr. Wong is amazing if you are into herbal medicine, cupping, acupuncture etc. 

1 cup almond milk / coconut almond / whatever dairy-free milk you like

+ 2 shots of espresso or 1 cup of coffee / can be hot or cold 

Blend the ingredients all together for about a minute to ensure everything has emulsified. This is extra important for the oil so don't just do it for a few seconds.