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Okay, it's one of those times we need to get real for a second. Today we are going to have a little chat about lash extensions. I've been planning this post for a while but couldn't find the right time until now.

First, I'll give you a little background on my history with them...

I got lash extensions about 5 years ago and got them filled every 2 to 3 weeks up until about 6 months ago. I went YEARS not seeing my natural lashes. I was so in love with the look & I still am.

It's beyond glamorous and, I'll tell you, there is no greater feeling than waking up in the morning and looking pretty, I really missed that the past 6 months... so "naturally" beautiful. LOL

I didn't take my extensions off until I was sure Sergio was so in love me he wouldn't notice or care. That's kind of crazy, but I totally am so whatever.

Anyway, I've always gotten the synthetic not the mink (I'll explain why later) so they are heavy on the natural lash and clearly thicker and longer. Ugh... then I had to remove them because my lashes were so weak they could hardly hold up.

So, we need to get something out of the way first...

Anyone that tells you that your lashes will be 'fine' or some esthetician tells you that the lashes they use are different and don't harm your lashes, is strait up lying to your face. I've heard it all & you might as well stop asking people because they are going to continue to lie to you. Bottom line, they will destroy your lashes.

Yes, destroy.

After you take your lashes off, you will not even know what you're looking at. They will be quarter length nubs that you can't even get under an eyelash curler. Even mascara doesn't help these little nothing hairs. Now that I've scared you, we can move on to some more positive talking points!

I'm not going to beat around the bush and tell you I have a solution for the damage but I'll tell you how to aid it and some other tips as well.


DO NOT EVER get them for a one time event. I have friends that wanted to get them for their wedding or a special event where they wanted to look super glam.


That damage I am talking about is gradual but not entirely, you'll definitely notice damage after just one application. So, if you want to get them, just know you need to be ready for the long haul. For special events, just wear the glue-ons.


Synthetic for sure! Mink is natural hair & is meant to look... more natural. Listen, why spend hundreds of dollars on natural looking eyelashes? If I wanted the natural look I would just wear mascara, save myself a lot of money and not worry about future nub hairs. Ya know?
lash extensions


Not to beat a dead horse, but the damage will happen. I very highly recommend using lash growth serums while you have extensions. BUT you won't be able to use a lot of them because you can't use any oil based products near your lashes or they will fall out.

Latisse is the best but it's the most expensive. The good news is that their formula has basically been copied by a million other companies so you can get essentially the same serum anywhere. I use one by Zo Skin Health that I really like & it's only $35. It does have oil in it but I didn't see any noticeable fall out. One of the ingredients is castor oil & that stuff seriously works wonders on hair growth.

You must use some sort of serum to keep your lashes strong while you have the extensions. When they become weak, they can no longer hold onto lashes as long. On top of not being able to hold extensions, you'll end up with no real lashes left. Use serum.

In addition to serums here are three ways I made my falsies stay thick for up to 3 weeks...

1. Combing my lashes at least twice a day, morning and night. Always from the top of the lash & out. If you brush from the bottom you can clip the ends more easily and I feel like they detangle better from the top.

2. NEVER getting them wet. This sounds tricky but it's totally not. I never ever let my lashes get wet. Obviously they would get some residual water from face washing but I never put my face directly under the water in the shower or splashed water onto my eyes from the sink. Instead of running my face under the shower, I would just hold my hands under the water and splash the bottom part of my face just like I would at the sink. Water is just really heavy on them & causes them to tangle & fall out.

3. Do not use oily eye makeup remover. I wrap a gentle baby wipe around my finger to clean the lines of my eyes without rubbing on the lashes. Super simple once you get the hang of it & prevents them from falling out. You won't need remover anyway because you shouldn't be wearing mascara with them. A baby wipe works just fine.


So, I have been in the regrowth stage for 6 months. I took a break, decided to heal my nubs & got my lashes looking longer and healthier than ever. DON'T use these products if you have extensions... only if you are trying to strengthen your natural lash.

Here's what I used...

▹ Zo Skin Health lash serum
Castor oil
Collagen powder supplements 
▹ lavender oil
▹ Really oily makeup remover - Lancome

First, I mixed a few drops of lavender oil into a bottle with castor oil. I bought one of those little 2 oz bottles in the travel section at the pharmacy for this. Lavender oil has been known to treat alopecia and other hair loss conditions and castor oil is known to improve hair growth. lavender oil is pretty strong and could very easily burn your eyes so I only added a few drops into my bottle. I also added a few drops to each of my mascara bottles. When I was lash-less I wore two different mascaras, a thinner wand for the bottom by Lancome & a thicker wand by Benefit for the top.

I rub that all over my lashes and eyes as well as all over my eyebrows - I noticed major hair growth on my brows from this, btw. After that, I would apply the lash serum.

I always drink collagen powder or take biotin supplements but I was even more anal about it while I was trying to regrow my lashes. Gotta work from the inside out.

REALLY important - while you're trying to mend your lashes, or even if you're reading this and have never had them or want them, always use a really oily makeup remover. This sounds confusing because I just told you not to, but that is for when you have false lashes & you don't want them to fall out.

Anyway, It is beyond damaging to take off mascara and other eye makeup with cleansers and removers that tug on your lashes. Also not good for wrinkles! I use Lancome - Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover. This stuff is oily AF and really does the trick. BUT you can't use this if you have lashes or they will fall out right in front of you.

lash extensions


So, after 6 months my lashes were seriously gorgeous but I couldn't deny my love for extensions so I had them put back on yesterday & I'm so in love. The thing is, if you try to maintain the health of your lashes while you have extensions, they hold longer, thicker lashes too. Bottom line, lash health is key with or without extensions.

Oh, I almost forgot!

The new place I found in NYC is insane! I was not invited and this is not sponsored. I found them on google...

Eye Beauty Spa
Address: 199 E 4th St, New York, NY 10009
Phone: (212) 475-1010

The fills are only $45! This is an even better deal than San Diego, where they were $85. The last few places I went here in New York were around $200 for the glamour fill so I feel like this is such a steal and they did such a good job!

If you guys have any other questions about lashes send me an email or write a comment below!