Have you ever wondered if you should start a blog? OR are you a blogger feeling stuck, not seeing fast growth etc.? This post is for you. If you're not in the blogging space, this is good business advice either way and you can certainly apply this in your life.

I get it, I feel it. The bloggosphere is heavily saturated and there is a ton of competition. There's good news & bad news. The bad news is that anyone can do it so, you're competing with every Joe Schmo with an internet connection and a camera but the good news GREAT NEWS is that means you can do it too. Deciding to start one or turning your current blog into a business is half the battle.

So, the simple answer to wether or not you should start a blog today or continue a blog that has minimal growth is 100% YES!!!!

Anyone that gives you the negative answer with the whole saturated-market-mumbo-jumbo is an asshole and you don't need them in your life. Sorry, but not sorry. Don't listen to them.

Let me put it this way, before I am a creative woman, I am a business woman. I don't have money just sitting in my bank account or anyone to pay my bills so I am focused on making money and building a money making machine.

I have been in sales since I had my first job and I've been fortunate enough to have worked for companies that had really incredible training programs. What I've learned is certainly not specific to any profession or even what I was doing when I took those training programs.

They were life lessons.

One of the things that has always stuck with me was a little saying, which I've heard explained in many ways but essentially, every 'no' gets me closer to a 'yes'. It's the law of numbers. It's very real.

If you're not familiar with what that means, let me break it down for you. Sales are about numbers. If you know that 2 out of 10 people buy a certain product, that means 8 people will say 'no' before one will say 'yes'. So, if you keep getting 'no' after 'no' you are getting closer to a 'yes'.

You may be wondering how this might apply to a blog because you're not selling something but you are. You are selling your content, your photos, your time, your creative talents etc. You need to be out there everyday selling yourself, your brand, whatever it is that you have to offer and embrace the rejection. It happens to everyone and it's part of the process. You can't a 'yes' without getting some 'no's.

In blogging terms this can translate to follower count, collaboration opportunities, conversion clicks from website visitors, open rate in newsletters etc.

At 1:15pm everyday I take 2 hours to email brands that I want to work with (here is a template of the email I send) . They don't all want to work with me, but that's okay. I'm that much closer to finding a brand that does want to work with me. I don't send 10 emails and give up because none of them wrote me back. I'm writing hundreds. Copy paste, copy paste. Speaking of, I'm looking for another intern if you or anyone you know is interested - please email me.

This is a great task to hire an intern for. Delegating is KEY for being the most productive you can be.

So back to the numbers. Wether you believe it or not, this is a business were numbers matter. Conversion, clicks, followers, reads, reposts these are all numbers you want to pay attention to but always in a positive way. Don't get bogged down because you're not seeing those numbers grow overnight. For some, this does happen overnight. For most, it doesn't. It takes time and a lot of work. Blogging as a business is NOT easy but 100% worth it if this is your passion and there is huge earning potential.

I saved the best thing for last and I hope this gets you pumped up.

I'm not sure if you are aware but there are 3.2 BILLION... yes BILLION people with access to the internet.

What does that mean for you?

That means you have the potential to reach 3.2 BILLION people. In terms of what the means as far as money, I think you can do the math on this one. You could KILL it without anyone ever buying anything from the links you post, you could retire just from monetized website links. Realistically, if you had that type of readership you would be racking in cash from sponsorships alone. I'm obviously throwing crazy numbers at you, but seriously what kind of job can you get that you absolutely love and have unlimited earning potential?

It may sound crazy, but it's possible!

3.2 Billion is a very real number and the internet is a very powerful tool. You have the ability to reach those people.

Don't forget, they all don't like the same content, voice, fashion, etc. Show me a successful blogger and I'll name a handful of people that don't follow them, find them annoying, unrelatable etc. There ARE people out there that want to hear what you have to say, it's just up to you to find your voice and get it out there.

A few years ago, I took this class by Marina De Giovanni, 48- Hour Fashion Blog. She said one thing that REALLY stuck with me. She said find a successful blogger that you admire and do that same things they do. She definitely did NOT mean copy their content or voice. She was talking about their business practices.

Blogging is a relatively new business but there are proven methods that will lead to success. They are right out there for you to see, like posting times and frequency, newsletters, photography etc. Don't try and re-invent the wheel, just make it your own and make it ever better while learning from other bloggers that are successful.

I know I put a lot of emphasis on money but if that's all you're worried about and the content is lacking, the readers can sense it and you won't get far. I didn't start my blog to make money but I saw the opportunity and it helped me get even more creative and find ways to reach a broader audience. Find a topic you are passionate about and GO FOR IT!

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