fringe trouser
I LOVE a fun trouser or, in this case, a funky trouser. When it's Fashion Week season, I'm inspired to step out of the box when it comes to the usual, basics I wear from day to day. It's the perfect excuse to buy those specialty items. 

However, you know me, I don't splurge on items I can't get a lot of use out of. I saw some similar
styles of these trousers and they were around $500. Sorry, but no. I just can't. I go back and forth with how I feel about Zara but they really have the best selection of fun bottoms right now and they are under $100. 

white flare trousers
Photo by Noah Benus Photography
I knew I had to have these white ones immediately when I saw them. I am putting together my spring color palette and so far, I'm thinking white, grey & blush pink. (Catch up on my post about the importance of selecting color palettes here)


White bottoms, no matter the style; skirt, culottes, jeans, whatever, are an absolute must from now until fall. Anything I can get a good 7 months of wear out of is is good enough for me!

I prefer pants like this in a high-waist style because it's easier to pair with fun light tops when it starts to warm up. They are great for bodysuits & I think they tend to pair best with a higher waist bottom. Also, love a good crop top but I'm not crazy about showing mid drift & that's when these really come in handy.

I've only linked 5 items but everything from Zara's Spring selection is seriously to die for. SO chic. 

I searched high and low for other brands for this style but kept coming back to Zara to find what I was looking for..
zara trousers

BTW I know this sounds crazy but if you visit Spain, you MUST go to Zara. You're probably thinking, why would you go there when it's in the US? It's actually half the cost there. It's already on the affordable side, but in Spain (not sure about the rest of Europe) it's 50% less. No joke. It's a good way to stock up on same basics.

fringe trousers
Photo by Hristiana Stoynova
 Also, my new favorite style is wearing turtlenecks under lingerie. I met such a babe at one of the shows last week, Mary from Layers of Chic. She was wearing this balconette bra from Adore Me with a turtleneck! She looked so amazing I knew I had to follow along.

I went crazy and ordered 100 things from there yesterday so stay tuned for more lingerie styles (also, catch up here on the post, Top 5 "going out" lingerie shops).

So much fun stuff planned in the next few weeks. My best friend is coming to visit, some fun photo shoots coming up, working on a project that is sure to turns heads & in two weeks I'm heading to Barcelona and then on to Paris for Fashion Week.

Oh & you better believe Penny is coming to Paris! New hashtag #pennyinparis - can't even wait.

So much to do until then, I need a drink just thinking about it! Go enjoy the weekend!