I think it's clear to see that I have been crushing on lingerie looks. I did an entire post & video (click here for details) on Weekend Wear, starring a black lace bodysuit. This was before I went to Spain and salivated over the lingerie stores on every corner. Seriously... it. was. unreal. I was in heaven. I love it there, sexy shops on every block.

Intimissimi & Oysho were lining the streets as often as convenient stores so I obviously had to see what all the fuss was about. Oysho was AWESOME... the garments were gorgeous & like $30-ish - MAJOR steal. Intimissimi pieces cost a bit more but not expensive by any means for lingerie, hitting around the $80 mark.

Intimissimi Bodysuit - 50% off  $54.50 - click here for details

My favorite "going out" look right now is a BS with skinny jeans, preferably coated. It is such a hot combo & if you buy the right stuff, it looks classy & not like you left the house without putting clothes on. These also go really well with a tight midi or maxi skirt for an evening out. I saw Natasha Oakley on instagram (click here to see the post) wearing a white Gooseberry Intimates piece with a midi denim skirt & it was so killer.

When I started getting all lace-bodysuit-obsessed I was trolling the internet & random stores in NYC for the right style. I found it to be overwhelming & I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. So, I decided to make it a little easier for you guys & compile a list of my top 5 "going out" lingerie shops (in no particular order).

Gooseberry Intimates - their line is super detailed & beautiful, they cover up enough to not feel naked & also have a great swimwear line as well as other products.

Oysho - The price point is off the chain & their stuff is super cute! I got my grey BS in this post from there. Sadly, they do not ship to the USA (praying this changes) but if you go to Europe you have to check this brand out. I'll keep you guys posted if the shipping changes. 

Menagerie Store - These suits & to die for. The shop is small, I think they are new but the designs are on point. You can purchase more lingerie inspired styles here if you don't want to look too risqué.

Oui Hours - This is by far my fav because the selection is insane. They don't sell just their own brand, they sell other brands so there is a lot to choose from & everything is so beautifully & tastefully curated. They even have a "going out" section with alllll kinds of fun, sexy pieces.

Intimissimi - My first experience with them was in Granada, Spain & I totally fell in love. Good news, they ship to the US! I love the designs & they are very on-board with paring their sultry pieces as everyday wear. They know what we're looking for!