home decor

Today was like many winter days in NYC, snowy & disgusting out. Now that I live in it, snow has just lost it's romantic, beautiful, making-snow-angels reminiscent feeling. It's now the reason Penny and I don't leave the apartment & the perfect excuse to spruce things up around the apartment.

Also the perfect reason to not wear a pants or a bra... check. check.

I got some really cute little trinkets at The Shopping Bag, they have a great array of small home items that are super chic & affordable.

Now that I have to redecorate an entire apartment in New York (it's a fortune to move your furniture across the country), I need all the help I can get when it comes to saving money on décor. It's like literally starting the biggest project of your life over after ten years of working on it... a complete nightmare to the girl who REALLY cares about home décor.

There are always small ways you can improve your space. You know I hate clutter and overdone areas so picking the right items are important to avoid that.


Next to my computer I put a little leopard jewelry tray where I put some bracelets and earrings. The other day, I had had it next to my bed as my Apple TV remote holder. Even the smallest items can bring a little life into spaces without being overbearing.

On my kitchen table, I have a wooden serving tray that I decorate with different items now and then. To get a little contrast I added this gorgeous marble cheese plate with silver detail on the side. It added a tiny bit of height but also I love how it lightened the entire area up as well.

This is great example of using items out of then norm. Just because I'm not serving cheese, doesn't mean it has to be put away in the cupboard. I actually use cheese boards with the glass domes to showcase alcohol on my bar too! (We'll talk about that later)

home decor

Next up... the coffee table.

I don't have a generic table. It has an entire area under the glass to showcase books etc. This gets tricky because it's so against my nature to even have anything on my table. Half of the time, random shit ends up there or it gets cluttered and I want to throw everything away.

Anyway, I got these geometric votive holders to place on the center of the table. I mixed them in with the items I already had &  even stacked one on top of my marble coasters to bring in some height.

I know sometimes it gets overwhelming & maybe a bit discouraging seeing photos on social media of these perfect homes with perfect décor. Just remember, making little changes to your space here and there will eventually make a big difference & always remeber to HAVE FUN with it!