fur collar

This post isn't about hand knitting fur yourself but more for sharing an awesome tip to getting that luxe look for less. Last winter, I wanted this beautiful SAM. coat, it was light grey knit with a giant silver fox collar. It was $950 and only a few weeks before Christmas so I really couldn't justify buying it at the time.

I always loved fur but now living in NYC it's really the only thing I find warm enough to bare the cold & the women here look SO stylish in it. I jumped on the band wagon real quick but I was determined to find an affordable way.

It wasn't until I discovered Macy's Fur Vault that a lightbulb went off. They have a special fur department and it's all semi discounted. Don't get me wrong, it's not cheap but if you strike at the right time you can get a killer deal. I saw this stunning silver fox collar and at the time it was nearly $500 (still available here). I wanted it so bad but I sort of didn't know what I was going to do with it just yet.

fur collar

A few days later, I checked again and it was marked down to $219 so I purchased it. It was SO fluffy and beautiful just like the photos, I couldn't believe it. I still had that SAM. coat in mind so I walked over to Zara, where they were having a sale. I ended up getting this killer grey knit coat for $75 on sale. I was so excited I went to the nearest tailor and had them sew the scarf right on the coat for another $25.

So, all in I spent $320-ish for the same coat & honestly the one I made was WAY cuter and nicer. The SAM. coat had raccoon and this was fox which is much more soft and luxurious & I loved it even more because I created it. You guys have seen it, the one I wore when Sergio and I went to the Knighting Ceremony in Spain late last year - link here.

From then on, I was sort of obsessed with mixing and matching my own coat combos! This year, I decided to buy collars for my leather jackets & I'm having the best time with them. I got a tan raccoon collar and red raccoon collar with beautiful quality for less than $100 COMBINED. (Click here for the red collar & here for the tan collar).

The tan was only $27! Find it here.

Since I am working with leather jackets this year I didn't want to sew anything so I've been using boob tape to apply the collar lining to the outer area of my jackets. You can add collars to any outerwear you have laying around or do a full DIY like I did last year. Either way it's fun & saves you a ton of money by making it yourself.

fur collar