Truth be told, my morning routine is sort of on the long side but I've shortened it up for you with the most important & recent updates.

In the beauty department - I've added two new products to my ritual which I am super excited about.

I like my daytime face wash to be light. I would NEVER in a million years go to sleep with makeup on so when I wake up, unless I've drooled all over myself, I have a relatively clean face and I don't want to use anything too harsh. I wake up pretty dewy & I don't want to strip away all the natural & protective oils on my face.

Before I use my usual Fresh Sugar Face Polish (mentioned here in the post '5 Must-have Beauty Products of the Moment') I added a gentle cleanser - Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser. I first received this as a sample with an order from Net-A-Porter last winter & I loved it so much because I get SOOOOO dry in this crazy New York cold.

Most derms or skin pros recommend cream cleansers for dry skin but I can't stand them. I just feel like they move everything around on the skin & don't actually clean or remove dirt or makeup. That's just my opinion though. If you have used an awesome cream cleanser please let me know, I would love to try it! Anyway, this cleanser is gentle enough to keep my skin hydrated but strong enough to wash away the dirt & grime.

After cleansing, I have still been using the Korres Black Pine Night Oil as mentioned recently again in the post '5 Must-have Beauty Products of the Moment'. Love it for the day and night. Just can't get enough of those oils!

Tracie Martine Amla Purifying Cleanser

The other newest addition to my beauty routine is my totally Haute Brunette themed Quip toothbrush & toothpaste. Sounds random but I'm obsessed. It's a sleek, silver electric tooth brush with a sexy, silver colored toothpaste tube & get this... it's on a 3 month membership refill.

So, every 3 months instead of adding those items to my delivery shopping list from Jet (where I get everything under the sun delivered from) I get a new brush head and a 3 months supply of paste. The toothbrush holder sticks to the side of my medicine cabinet & it's super modern like the design of my bathroom. It's totally on brand.

As far as the health routine goes, not much has changed. Lemon water with collagen powder first thing (read more about collagen powder in this 'You've Haute Mail' post). Normally followed by my Mega Babe Matcha Latte (click here for details & recipe). Recently, I've added a small step in between.


I've added a one billion strand probiotic and kombucha from Kombrewcha (they deliver in NYC!). I have always been a regular kombucha drinker but seriously my health actually depends on this stuff now. Let me tell you... I have traveled all over the world this year. I've been to Africa, Mexico, Spain, London, Turkey, Central America and even more places in between & my body HATES me.

No matter how careful I am, I come home with a horrifying stomach bug. Like, can't get out of a bed for a week, pain, nausea... scary shit. So, I've really had to up my probiotic game. The combo of the two have seriously done wonders for me & saved me thousands of dollars in unnecessary doctors visits and medications. Plus you know I'm down for anything that delivers strait to my front door!

I drink it on an empty stomach so it can really do it's work on my gut & FYI when you have a healthy gut your body processes food better & keeps you from gaining unwanted weight. It's a real miracle drink for me.

I won't go in depth on my current vitamin intake but in addition to my Garden of Life 1 billion strand probiotic I'm also taking the following:

▹ Magnesium Citrate gut health & detox
▹ Olive Leaf Extract - anti-viral
▹ Chlorella - energy & gut detox
▹ Turmeric - iron, fiber & potassium
▹ Vitamin C - antioxidant & collagen absorption
▹ Oregano oil - anti-viral
▹ Vitamin D3 - bone health & metabolism support
▹ Cinnamon - Metabolism & anti-viral


S H O P    T H E    S H I R T    D R E S S