One of the main reasons I LOVE everything about this look is that I bought this entire outfit (except the Quay Aviators) in Sevilla, Spain. Seriously... there is the BEST shopping there & the cost is like a fraction of the price with the same goods & quality. It's awful but we are seriously brain washed here in the US with how much we expect things to cost... it's seriously criminal. Anyway, I was able to find the exact Nike sneakers for you guys but the rest of the items are similar to what I am wearing. I couldn't find a good match for the earrings which I bought at a tiny shop right outside of the Alhambra Palace in Granada. In the same shop, I bought these crazy harem pants that Sergio wants to burn they are so unattractive. I can't stop messing with him about them... it probably makes me love them more! Can't wait to share more details from this trip!