utility jacket

This will be my second winter in New York & I'm still trying to get the hang of outerwear. Nearly 30 years in California and I'm still adjusting here. Finding the right pieces to stay warm & fashionable has been a challenge but I'm making progress!

My favorite Black Friday purchase was an amazing black Moncler jacket. It has knit sleeves with a puffer front, SO warm, totally chic & thin enough to fit under any jacket (like this utility coat) without looking like the Michelin Man. It's also so cute and sporty to wear with gym clothes or denim!

Speaking of my utility coat, I am really sticking to a narrow color palette for fall. I'm only interested in black, grey, deep wine colors, olive green and midnight blue. If you are feeling lost when it comes to trends & switching seasons I really recommend building a color palette for your wardrobe.

Creating a color palette works for designing just about anything... home decor, party themes, wardrobe, branding your business etc. Setting color boundaries helps you match pieces together so you don't have a closet full of incompatible garments. It helps narrow down your shopping cart when you're shopping online or in a store. It also helps you get ready faster! There is nothing worse than feeling like you've got a closet full of clothes & nothing to wear... when you know that's not really the case.

It probably seems like I've naturally got my shit together when it comes to styling but it does take thought and planning. It seriously takes me 2 minutes to pick an outfit & it's not because I'm any better at choosing one, it's because I simplified my selection process in advance. For the changing season, I sat down & thought about my favorite colors, the weather & even grabbed inspo from Instagram.

Some people use Pinterest or other sites for this. I use Instagram as an inspiration board. I follow very few people I actually know (I use Facebook for friends) and use it to view everything I'm interested in & what I want to see... fashion baby!

When you're choosing colors stick to it. Pick 4 or 5 colors that you like to wear and that are complimenting. For example, you might like yellow & pink but there probably aren't a lot of ways to style those colors in the same outfit. It's fine if you like those colors but maybe start a yellow based color palette for fall and do complimenting pink colors in the spring.

 I started with a deep wine color & a deep, rich blue (almost black). There may not be a lot to wear with red and blue but I added dark green which is a great color to wear with blue or crimson colors. Finally, I added black & grey as my base colors that can match to everything else.

Base colors would be black, grey, brown, cream, or white.

I hope this helps you guys organize and build a wardrobe you want or even help you create something else! If you need help, leave a comment or write me an email. I'd love to hear from you!


moncler puffer

S H O P    M O N C L E R    P U F F E R    C A R D I G A N 

silver ysl

S H O P    U T I L I T Y    C O A T S

utility jacket

S H O P    O V E R - T H E - K N E E    B O O T S

kyi kyi beanie
Photos by : Noah Benus Photography

F I N I S H    T H E    L O O K