lace bodysuit
Black is always the main staple in my closet but now more than ever I am obsessing over anything black & sheer / lace. I go through stages where I'll dress super conservatively, like I just rolled out of the country club golf course & then other times I want to wear low cut tops & re-live the nightclub days (but at a New York lounge with wine instead of vodka).

Either way... right now it's all about sexy black outfits for me... & fur. 

Speaking of fur, I left it out of this look (even though I didn't want to) because I forget there are other less freezing places in the world that can't apply fur to their weekend looks. So, if you live in a temperate climate (lucky), this one's for you!

I LOVE a longline blazer... it's so sexy. Especially with something dainty (like this lace bodysuit) underneath. I feel like a lot of people shy away from them because they are always in the section with the trousers - the business section. How fun is shopping for "work clothes"? 

I get that feeling when I walk into the business section of any store. The first thing that comes to my mind is, "I don't need this, I work from home". Then I get tunnel vision when I see an awesome blazer or a standout pair of trousers.

S H O P    B L A Z E R S

Mixing and matching styles is an excellent way to make a statement. Trousers with a crop top & a leather jacket (seen here in my trip to Madrid last year) is a fun way to mix conservative with street style.

The point is, don'y be to try to try something new!
lace bodysuit
PS... I've added this look to the deals & steals category - The coated denim (on sale now), bodysuit (25% off), blazer & stilettos are about $200 COMBINED... love a good deal!

S H O P    B O D Y S U I T S

S H O P    C O A T E D    D E N I M

lace bodysuit
G E T    T H E    L O O K