harry and david

When it comes to  shopping, I have no problems. I know what I like & where to get it. During the holidays, the real challenge is gifting that hard to shop for person or someone you may not know a whole lot about.

The host / hostess / new friend / business associate / distant relative / or anyone's style you haven't dialed down (like my dad lol - still never know what to get him for Christmas). It's usually not wise to get them something super specific. Like, I would love to receive a cool gold bar set or awesome beauty products etc. but there are easily 10 people on my christmas list that aren't going to like that.

When in doubt... go for the stomach. Sending food & knickknacks is totally acceptable & they make great gifts!

And you know anything that delivers is a major perk!

harry and david

For the sweet tooth || Harry & David - I didn't know anything about H & D until I received a box of their pears last year. I remember thinking about how odd it was to receive pears. When I told my friend she was like OMG OMG THE PEARS ARE SO GOOD... and she was totally right. I felt like it was a very thoughtful gift. It's packaged nicely and not cheap. This year I got the peppermint box from them which is filled with every peppermint candy you can imagine, hot coco & even peppermint marshmallows. You can order everything under the sun from them but if you go Harry & David, the pears are what they are known for & they are great!

For the savory snacker || Dean & Deluca - I freaking love this place... there is one opening on my street & I seriously walk by everyday to check! This is a present that will impress anyone. They have holiday baskets with everything from spices, candy, meats, crackers, oils, wines, cheese etc. Unlike Harry & David where the baskets are heavily themed on one product, D & D's are curated for an experience. So, if you want to give someone a basket that has a nicely themed variety, this is the place. You can get a little of everything & it's a very nice gift.

For the wine-o || Wine.com - clever huh? The name obviously tells you everything you need to know. But listen, if you are going to give someone of the gift of booze you better make sure you go to the people who do it best. You can get everything from single bottles and regional wine selections to specific wine collections. Just sayin'...I would like a box of wine for christmas, thanks!

For the cheese lover || Cowgirl Creamery - Don't get me wrong... I'll eat any cheese that comes my way but if you are going to gift it, you have to get the good stuff. This cheese is like heaven & any cheese aficionado is sure to be impressed. You can get cheese sets & even purchase a monthly delivery service for 3,6 or 9 months. - I'll talk about memberships further down. This is an awesome gift that keeps on giving after the holidays as well.

For the foodie || Eataly - If you have't had the ultimate pleasure of eating at an Eataly somewhere in the world, it. is. AMAZING. There are two here in NYC and one just opened down the street from me. The market has the most decadent Italian food for cooking & multiple restaurants to eat within it. Everything I get from there is delicious and of the highest quality (random thought... Eataly has the best pancakes I've ever had). I was so excited to see that they offered gift boxes! You can choose from an array of pre-made boxes filled with the finest Italian foods & you can even create a custom box if you want.

Need a little stocking stuffer or fun gift? Here are some ideas for some basic, yet amazing little surprises...

stocking stuffers

L'OCCITANE || hand & foot cream duo - This is an awesome stocking stuffer. I feel like hand & foot cream are just those things you expect to get as a little knickknack gift. I can't remember the last time I actually bought those products for myself but I always love to receive them. This is a good gift for a men's stocking - their manly hands needs moisturizing... help them!

ARLA LASERWORKS || Cell phone case - Cell phone cases are a great stocking stuffer because everyone has a cell phone & everyone needs a case! I have the cute lips one, which is pretty durable. I drop my phone 900 times a day and have to get the screen fixed once a week. So far, no breaks with this one. The cost of these cases are super reasonable & there is an large selection for men & women. Plus they are made in California - love shopping local.

TRIPPLE C || Powergloss phone charger - These really are the best little gifts. My phone dies between 2 & 3 times per day - I can imagine others might have the same problem! These are a total lifesavers, I have about 10 of these and they seriously come in handy. This one is fun because it's stylish & comes in a ton of colors.

LIVING ROYAL || Funky socks - festive socks are the best! They have nearly every design you can think of. I have a pair of pickle socks & bacon knee highs from them. This is a simple gift everyone in the family can enjoy together, sitting around the house during the holidays.

H & M || metallic headphones - This is a good little something to give anyone. Headphones are one of those items that has a price tag anywhere from $10 - $500. Keep it simple & cute. Everyone with a cell phone needs headphones so don't stress about getting the nicest pair if you want to add something extra under the tree.

QUIP || electric toothbrush set - This is by far the best gift though. Last year I got my dad a yearly subscription to Dollar Shave Club. It was like 30-something dollars to start and then $9 a month after that. They sent my dad a razor & blade refills every month & I set it up to charge me every month for a year. He LOVED it. So, I started using Quip about a year ago & it works similarly. You get a sleek toothbrush (different colors to choose from- I chose silver) & a 3 month supply of toothpaste plus a little travel size to start for $45. Every 3 months they only charge you $10 and they send you a new toothpaste plus a new brush head. It's useful, stylish & makes one less item I have to remember to buy. Dad is definitely getting a set this year!

I hope this helps alleviate some stress for those hard to shop for friends & family! If you think of any other good ideas let me know! There are still some people on my list that even these ideas won't work for.