marbella spain

Sergio and I are alllll about a solid weekend trip. We are so busy, taking a ton of time off doesn't usually make sense for us so we end up on these crazy adventures across the world for like 3-4 days. I'd rather be exhausted than miss out on an awesome experience, it's totally worth it to me. 

san lazaro de jerusalen

This trip we made to Spain was to attend the annual San Lazaro knighting ceremony... yes, Sergio is an actual Knight. I honestly thought they were fairytale characters before we met, but it's a real thing! 

Anyway, we headed to Spain for the ceremony where they name new Knights & Dames or promote them higher in the order. It was an incredible event to attend! Get this... if Sergio and I ever tie the knot, I'll get an honorary title like "Lady" Alyssa. How crazy is that?!?

marbella spain
ceremony look || Dress : Forever21 // Belt : Gucci // Shoes : YSL // Fur Coat : Similar

BTW The dress I wore was the steal of a lifetime. A few months ago, I bought a $400 silk maxi dress from Reformation (I wrote about it in the post 'What to Wear to a Wedding : Reformation') and this black $15 maxi from F21 literally looks and fits exactly the same. I was genuinely bummed I didn't find this dress first!

I got to Madrid a few days before Sergio so I could be rested & pick up his new uniform. My friend Fransisco took me to the coolest spot for dinner & drinks called Fortuny. Apparently, it's the bee's knees of nightlife in Madrid & I had a blast. We sat for dinner at midnight and carried on in this 3 story discoteca until 5am. The food and drinks were amaaazing! 

madrid spain
Madrid look || Top:  ZARA // Vest: Love Token // Choker: Marrin Costello // Lips : YSL #205

While nursing the hangover of a lifetime, we took the Renfe Train from Madrid to Malaga for the event. This train was pure luxury. Unlike the horrendous trains in the states, it was such a nice experience. The seats are huge and they serve you a full meal. It's like flying first class without turbulence. If you go to Spain you can easily travel the entire country in comfort & very inexpensively.

When we got to Malaga we took a Cabify (Spain's Uber - which has wifi in all the cars... obsessed!) to Marbella. I first visited Marbella a few years ago with my friend Sheela. Even after all the traveling I've done since then, it is still one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. It's very posh... I feel so at home there.

marbella spain
brunch look : Top - Forever21 // Jacket : Trouvé // Glasses : Hauteyewear // Silk Pants : Yummie

We enjoyed brunch the next day at a gorgeous, beach front hotel, Puente Romano. It is right on the water and the property is huge. It has everything you need, including the best nightlife spot, La Suite, where we enjoyed one too many tequilas after the ceremony. 

All in all, an amazing trip! We are going back for two weeks for Christmas so I'll definitely have some more details for you after that trip! BTW I need to go on a MAJOR cleanse now. If you haven't been to Spain, everything on the menu is jamon iberico, basically a fine cured ham. It is the most delicious thing in the world, I was in ham heaven but it's SO salty. My body literally went into shock when I got home... worth every bite though!