There is nothing like a solid go-to outfit & a beautiful fur moment. Put those two together and the perfect fall look is born.

Last year, I was at Bloomingdales and I fell in love with a gorgeous fur and leather jacket by Mackage. It had black leather sleeves & a black rabbit fur bodice. As much as I felt like I had to have it, I couldn't wrap my head around spending $1,200 on a jacket that was only warm enough to wear on a mild winter day.

Once the cold comes in New York, I'm hardly worried about what I look like. I'm more worried about surviving the face numbing cold but I would like to do that in something that keeps me warm. The point is, I never bought it because it was a frivolous spend and I don't spend like that...usually.

Anyway, Sergio took me on a little birthday shopping trip and got me this beautiful black fur vest. He just gets me... fur and diamonds, that's all I ask! Still working on the diamonds though...

I typically wear a vest underneath my jacket because it does a lot to keep the warmth in. The other day, it wasn't that cold so I decided to put the vest over my Trouvé leather jacket and, by accident, made my wish list Mackage jacket!

I was so excited! My creation was half the cost with essentially the same items. Now, I have two awesome items instead of one and I have the versatility of removing either piece and styling them in different ways. I really felt like I hit the jackpot.

That's the beauty about fall / winter fashion... layering. You can get super creative, save money, use the same pieces to make different looks, stay warm & stay fashionable.
fall fashion
Photos by : Noah Benus 


Sunglasses from Haut Eyewear.