What a month October was, traveling everywhere from Montenegro, Turkey, San Diego and ending the month in Antigua, Gatemala. I have been wanting to go there for a while now and it was the perfect way to start my Birthday celebrations off.

Antigua is one of the most beautiful and magical places I've ever traveled too. It is a diamond in the rough. In the middle of, what was once a jungle, is this old city of dilapidated buildings, rich history and bright colors. The streets have never been paved, there are just large stones that line them and behind every door is some sort of secret garden or hidden treasure.

When the city was first built, they taxed the landowners on the size of the front of the property instead of the actual size of the property. In turn, the streets are just lined with tiny doors & small entrances.

From the outside, it doesn't look all that special but when you enter the doors you'll find beautiful gardens, courtyards, hotels, homes and you can hardly tell the difference between one entrance and the next. By the way, everyone there is SO NICE! Of all the places I traveled this year, it was by far my favorite! We are going back as soon as possible!

During our trip we stayed at the most incredible house I've ever been to. Per usual, just a small entrance door and inside was a paradise. It was an 8 bedroom estate with full staff... I could go on about the beauty of this place but good news for you I downloaded the snap of our tour for you guys to check out. Click here to watch the tour. Bottom line, if you want to travel somewhere new, Antigua is highly recommended!

The master suite outdoor bathtub... Sergio is all about romance. 

One of my favorite features about the properties in Antigua are the fact that they are often built as indoor / outdoor style. All of the hallways in this estate were covered but outdoor. This was the hallway to our bedroom from the dining room.

At our place for the weekend, there was an in-home hamam with masseuses on staff. We took advantage of the sanctuary while we were there... how about rolling out of bed and walking down to your own spa? I seriously need to move there ASAP.

The Old Church in el parque central 

Posing outside of the beautiful church doors 

After our tour of the hospital

We had the opportunity to tour the local hospital which was seriously life changing. People travel from all over to come to this place because it's the only hospital in the region that won't turn people away if they don't have money to pay for their services. Although it was tough to see, they gave us scrubs and allowed us to go inside an operating room and watch a gal bladder removal! It was by the far the COOLEST thing I've ever seen... I didn't know how high my tolerance was for blood and guts but it turns out I can handle it! It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Mixco Viejo Mayan Ruins

Guatemala is rich with culture, outside of the city there are amazing Mayan ruins you can visit. We took a drive about 2 hours out of Guatemala City and saw some of the most beautiful ruins in the mountains. Because it's so far out, no one really goes there which made it even more memorable since we were the only people there.

The staff also put rose petals in the pool for us... Antigua is SO romantic!