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There is nothing better than coming back from a trip to some awesome deliveries, feels like Christmas! There was one package I was not so happy to get, it was the dress I originally ordered from Naked Wardrobe to wear in Montenegro and it didn't show up until after I left... but otherwise, last weeks goods amped up my style all over, from accessories to beauty products.

Let's start with the beauty products...

evo hair

Major Babe Hair Products by Evo - If you missed my last post, 3 Products You Need to Get Rainy Weather Waves, you can catch up on it here. I talked about some awesome products from Evo Hair that I absolutely cannot live with out. My hair gets SO frizzy in humid, rainy weather. It doesn't matter if I have a ton of product in my hair or if it never touches the rain. Just being outside for one minute turns my hair into a mess. Instead of fighting with mother nature, I have a wavy hair system I've been depending on for years.

The mix of these three products together REALLY preserve the style and even if the rain hits you, you'll still look fabulous. In fact, if your hair gets wet while you have any of these products in there it will dry like goddess mermaid hair. LOVE.

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Smith & Cult Lip Gloss - I am really over lipstick right now. My lips are nearly the same color as my skin so I always need a little pop of color on my lips so I don't look like a corpse.

Here's the thing... lipstick makes your lips look smaller, especially darker colors. When you put on lipstick you can't just smear it on like lip gloss, you have to create smooth lines so you don't look like a clown. I mean, we have legitimate clown problems in this country right now so let's not add to it right? You are literally outlining the shape and size of your lip. It's like wearing a skin tight dress, it leaves nothing to the imagination.

I'm all about gloss because it can give the illusion of bigger lips. You get that poutier look mostly because you can be liberal around the outer edges. The shine also reflects light on different areas to give off a plumping effect.

Love this color by Smith & Cult - The Warning

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leather backpack

Vera Bradley Backpack - Fall and Winter are the best times for rocking a backpack. Clearly, cute & stylish but it's such a life saver here in NYC when the weather is bad and you need to run around the city. Yesterday, I was literally about to fly away with my umbrella the wind was so bad. It would have been so miserable clinging to my handbag and trying to not pull a Marry Poppins. You guys know, I am ALLLL about convenience so show me something fashionable and convenient and I'll be all over it.
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Quay Sunglasses - You know I'm obsessed so I'm not going to explain, but the Quay - High Key style sells out in a matter of days and I FINALLY got my hands on these silver-ish reflectors. They are out of stock again but if you click the link below, you can get notified when they are available. Below, are some others I thought you might like by Quay.