trench coat

Greetings from the train! I'm currently on my way from NYC to DC to go the Hispanic Heritage Reception at The White House today. SO excited... follow my insta story for the inside scoop!

I'm making the most of this three hour train ride by catching up on work & bringing you some hot, fall fashion, trench coat inspo!

trench coat

Growing up in California, I only bought like one jacket / coat a year because there weren't a ton of opportunities to wear them. Being on the east coast, it's like buying pants... can't leave the house without 'em!

There is only a small window of time for trench coats because they aren't warm enough during the winter but not light enough to wear during warmer months. They are really only useful from like late September to mid November and then again in early spring. The point is, now is the time!

trench coat

I got this beautiful trench last spring at Club Monaco, they have the best coats! When I bought it, I was wearing leather pants, high top converse and a yankees hat. Today I am wearing it with a nice pair of gaucho pants, silk top & pearls. It's one of those pieces you can wear with anything in your closet. It's definitely one of my approved items to spend extra cash on because it's a classic piece that's in style year after year.

Coats can run a bit pricey so I made a list of my favorites (including the one I'm wearing today - link here -) and other options under $350...

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