aman sveti stefan

I think most people get their traveling out of the way during the summer, for whatever reason, I hardly went anywhere this summer and I'm going nonstop until the end of the year. First stop on my fall travel itinerary was Budva, Montenegro.

Montenegro has been one of my TOP bucket list destinations for about 4 years now and I can't tell you excited I was to go. I literally thought about it all summer long. The island of Sveti Stefan is seriously magical, the photos do it no justice, it's breathtaking.

aman sveti stefan montenegro

Sergio and I visited the Aman Hotel, Sveti Stefan and the service was unlike anything else. Everyone there is so accommodating and they all speak English, which is really nice. The property is extremely old but the maintenance would have you believing that it was just built, the upkeep is spectacular. I think I was most excited to go because it's not a common destination. I feel like I've been so many more places just by the volume of photos on instagram & facebook, it was nice to do something a little different.

aman montenegro

The flight is no joke, there really isn't an easy way to get there directly from the US. We flew Turkish Airlines from NYC, stopping in Istanbul, Turkey (Fantastic airport BTW... one of my favorites) and on to Podgorica, Montenegro. All together, the travel time was about 14 hours but we got to spend the night in Istanbul with our return layover & had a chance to go out and have a nice dinner.

If you are traveling to that part of the world and have the option of flying Turkish, I would highly recommend it. The service is top notch, the lounge is seriously insane, you would have no idea you are in an airport. The best part is if you have an overnight layover, they will pay for your hotel. We ended up being able to stay for free in Turkey because our flight didn't leave until the next day, which was so amazing. I was skeptical about the hotel but it was so nice. They are affiliated with United Airlines so you can rack up points with them!

yummie by heather thomson

My 14 hour flight wasn't so bad with a little help from the coziest Yummie by Heather Thompson silk jumpsuit. I had such an enjoyable flight because I was comfortable... and I looked so cute in transit, which is mandatory... obviously.

Sergio Fernandez de Cordova
Me and Sergio relaxing after a swim
I packed super light because I knew it was going to be warm, I only brought like 3 things because I refuse to check my bag. Check out my post earlier this year from my trip to Morocco, Packing 101 : How to Carry On Like a Pro. I like to keep it light & stress free when I'm far from home.

I packed my favorite one piece ever, from American Apparel, it is SO sexy & easy to wear. I love it especially when I am traveling since I tend to eat a drink a little more than usual. The perfect one piece is so necessary for poolside snacks.

one piece american apparel