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Sorry, I've been MIA this week guys. I headed to Montenegro last week and it was absolutely amazing. Sergio and I went on a wild adventure and I ended up getting a cold so I've been a bit sluggish. I supposes changing time zones and getting like 3 hours of sleep will do that to you! Still haven't mastered how to avoid getting sick from airports and travel... but I feel a post coming on about that! I'm hoping to catch up on some sleep and some posts this weekend but for now lets get to business on this super stylish fall look.

Leather jackets under $300

You know me, I'm all about a good staple. First off, I LOVE leather everything, especially leather jackets. This is one of those things you must have in your closet and it's one of this items that you can spend a bit of money on and not feel guilty about. I mentioned this Trouvé jacket in my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post but I fell in love with it last year. I guess it was so popular they brought it back for another fall season, it's a total winner! I've had a few Trouvé jackets, they are beautiful and usually around $300 or less.

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Nude Bodysuit - They are so sexy and sleek! I got mine here from Naked Wardrobe. I always try out different websites to see what kind of quality the low priced clothes are. It was my first time ordering from them so I was on a trial and error mission. The bodysuits are great, they fit amazing. However, I did order some faux silk pieces and they look pretty cheap so I wouldn't recommend them for that. You can wear a nude bodysuit with any bottom, day or night, definite must-have!

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Accessories - A bag and glasses can really make a difference in your look. I have been obsessing over Quay eyewear the past few months. I wanted this style (High Key) forever and FINALLY they are back in stock. A word of advice, if you like them, I would not hesitate to get them now because you'll probably never see them again and they are HOT.

quay high key

I get over handbags pretty quickly but I adore this Soleil Chain bag I got from 3.1 Phillip Lim last year. It's my two favorite colors and it's simple yet chic and goes with everything. Unfortunately, they don't make it in the full size anymore but it's just as cute in the mini.

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fall fashion

Ripped Denim: I'm such a denim girl, I have so many pairs it's sick. In my defense, denim styles are always changing so I have to keep up with the times! This season, that cropped distressed hem is hitting it hard on the fashion scene. Like many other women, I'm sure, I was psychotically looking for a pair but kind of felt like Goldilocks because I just couldn't find the right pair. I decided to fray the hem myself, which took all of 5 min and $0. It was surprisingly easy. I just cut the hem off, then grabbed a pair of tweezers, pulled on the threads to loosen them up and then stuck them in the wash. Cropped denim is the perfect way to show off your shoes & for me, to display my velvet bootie obsession.

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Don't Forget the Bootie