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When I think 'crop top', my brain automatically goes to summery weather outfits or a thought like, "shit, I'm not skinny enough right now". Maybe it's just me, but I feel like that is a natural reaction. Pushing all that aside, cropped tops, paired with the right high waisted bottoms are an excellent combo for trying to make your waist look smaller.

In theory, a cropped turtleneck is sort of contradiction. It's supposed to keep you warm but it's half length exposes the midriff area. Although it may not be the perfect pairing for your average denim look, it is certainly a quintessential fall staple.

cropped turtleneck

The cropped turtle neck is flattering to nearly every body type because it cuts off at the waist and gives an illusion of a more pronounced mid section. An hour glass look, if you will. So, if you don't have that curvy body type, this is a great option for you. 

I wear my cropped turtle necks with trousers (obviously - see all photos in this post...), high waist midi or maxi skirts (seriously AMAZING look... will explain more) & high waist denim. 

BTW If you want the hottest pair of high waist denim, the Jamie Moto jean from TopShop is THE BEST. It's like wearing a pair of spanx... so tight & skinny.

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My all time favorite pairing for a cropped turtleneck is with a tight midi skirt. You have to try this. It's so chic, it's ridiculous. Earlier this year, I wore a darker color version of this turtleneck with a black midi skirt, cropped fur coat, black stilettos & red lipstick, to Sergio's birthday party and I got so many compliments. I wish I had a photo to share... maybe I'll do a reenactment.

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Paired with trousers, this is an awesome look, very chic, sophisticated & stylish. You can wear this ensemble to work or out for drinks, it's really versatile.

Trousers are seriously my spirit animal in the fashion world. You can wear them with EVERYTHING. An oversized sweater, tank top, turtle neck (duh), teeny tiny crop top, vest... and the list goes on. It's a statement piece without even trying. 

Again, any type of clothing at cinches at the waist is key to making your waist look smaller.


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