evo hair

Hey guys! Just another rainy day in New York City... sometimes I regret wishing for fall weather when it's yucky out. I don't mind the rain much but when it comes to ruining my hair or totally messing up what I planned on wearing, that's another story.

I have tried sooo many hair products to tame the frizz after a blow dry or hair style and nothing has worked that well for me. I've resorted to the wavy look when it's wet out because I know it's a style I can depend on, that won't get ruined in the rain or humidity.

Let's chat rainy weather waves...

Evo Root Canal Volumizing Spray - I spray this stuff in my roots every time after a wash, no matter what style I am going for. While my hair is still wet, I brush it out to disperse the product from root to tip so my entire head can have a voluminous look. It is especially good for waves because you need that extra volume.

I either let my hair dry naturally or do a quick blow dry with my fingers or a comb, not a styling brush. Depending on your hair, you can add a few curls. I literally add only 5 curls... just the top layer of hair, two curls on the right and left and one on the back. Once you have added a few curls, take your fingers and blend the curls into the rest of your hair.

Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo - Once, I've blended the curls and waves, I spray this all over my head... roots, middle and ends... fluffing with my fingers.

Evo Shebang-a-bang Dry Spray Wax - The finishing wax spray is the most important. It helps you get that piece-y look. It tames any frizz gives your curls a slightly dewy look. BTW if you have a man in your life, you can share this product with them. It's great for mens hair, Sergio loves it!

You can curl your entire head and use the same products but this more subtle hairdo gives you that effortless, looks like you rolled out of bed, goddess style.