velvet booties lash serum

Oohhh it was a good delivery week! I got some major goodies in the mail and I think you'll love them too! After this week, the concierge is probably counting down the days until my lease is up so he can finally go a day without me harassing him and shuffling through ALL of the boxes to make sure I haven't missed a single package! He'll learn to love me... eventually.

Let's get to it...

Public Desire Velvet Booties : I warned you I was obsessed, so don't act like this is a surprise. I nearly fainted when I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Erica Hoida from Fashioned Chic, wearing them in one of her Instagram posts. I have seen a lot of chatter around Public Desire so I decided to get them a try, after all, they were only $60! I figured I didn't have much to lose. Their shoes are very affordable, surprisingly comfortable & super on trend. I will definitely be picking up some more this season.

velvet booties

Haut Eyewear Sunglasses : My girl at Meghan over at Socialitte, just launched a new company, Haut Eyewear, love the name! The shades are all around $40, which is a nice alternative to designer sunglass prices. I am SO over spending on expensive eyewear, at least for the moment, and I love the frames she's got.

 Okay, time for the good stuff... beauty must haves!

I have had a major life event that needs to be shared. I took out my lash extensions for the first time in... wait for it... 5 YEARS!!!! I feel like lashes were my thing, so I am feeling weird and naked and not very glamorous. The unfortunate casualty of removing lash extensions are the health of your natural lash. It is crazy/scary how short and sparse they were when I took them out of a few weeks ago. While I nurse my lashes back to health, I have been on the hunt for the best regrowth serums & mascara.

Amplimascara & Amplifiber : This mascara comes in a duo, Amplimascara & Amplifiber. The Amplifiber is the first step, it's not like that white primer formula that you typically see. It is literally these black fibers that attach to your lashes. Then, when you apply the mascara, it clings to the fibers on your lash, giving them a fuller look. Sort of like temporary lash extensions.

I'll cut to the chase, I didn't like it at all but I don't do bad reviews on my blog (let's keep it positive, shall we?) so I'll tell you what I've really been using it for. I decided to brush the fibers onto my eye brows to add some thickness and it worked like a charm! I am OBSESSED. It's not like a crazy difference or anything but they look so much more full and beautiful with this stuff.

amplimascara amplifiber zo skin health

Here's how I do it...

I style & color my eyebrows like normal with my Anastasia Brow Kit, which I love and have been using since the beginning of time / the moment I understood the importance of brow styling. Then, I brush the fiber wand over my brows from root to tip in an upward motion. Lastly, I seal the fibers in by spraying a little hair spray on a brow brush and combing the brow. I learned the hairspray trick from, the fabulous, Oliva Culpo's insta story and it has upped my brow game tremendously.

Don't worry, the mascara has't gone to waste, it's actually really amazing on it's own!

Zo Skin Health - Lash Serum: I have been using Zo for about 6 months now and probably tried just about every product they make, you can read more in my previous post here. Since I love all their other lotions and potions, I figured I would give their lash serum a try. After only a few days, I noticed my lashes were a bit longer and I anticipate the results will be noticeable based on the current progress. I have been using it in my brows too and I noticed growth there even more! I grew this crazy 1 inch eye brow hair it was insane, I was laughing so hard when I saw it.

Last but not least...

Zo Skin Health Sunscreen & Primer : I really can't stress this enough. You MUST wear SPF everyday to protect your skin. A lot of people think they should only wear sunscreen during spring and summer and avoid using SPF during fall & winter. Just because you can't feel the sun beating down on your skin, doesn't mean those harsh rays aren't penetrating your skin. I picked up Zo's 40 SPF, tinted moisturizer & primer; all my favs packed into one bottle.

October is going to be busy busy busy, I have a lot of travel this month so you'll get to come with me on a few fun trips! This weekend, Sergio and I are taking a little getaway to Sveti Stefan off the coast of Montenegro. In a few weeks we are heading to the White House for the Hispanic Heritage Month reception, strait to San Diego for the Rise Up As One concert and finishing off the month / kicking off my birthday week in Antigua, Gautemala (literally been waiting my whole life for this epic trip). Bare with me if I lag on posts there will be a lot of fashion inspo & travel heading your way!