Velvet Booties

Okay before we get started, first, let's take a moment of silence for Brangelina...

You may not believe this but I basically live under a rock when it comes to celeb gossip, I just don't find it that interesting. HOWEVER! I had a jaw dropping moment when I heard the Brangelina news flooding every social media channel yesterday.

I immediately thought to myself... If Brad Pitt can get dumped, there is no hope for the rest of us! I saw some hilarious memes to that effect, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Especially, the memes with a jovial photo of Jen with the text, "I hope you're day was as good as Jennifer Aniston's". I had a long hard laugh at those.

Anyway... let's get on topic!

Fashion Week was crazy, I didn't attend many shows but there were so many events and awesome networking functions going on that I couldn't miss out on. I feel like I lost a week of work so I'm catching up on a few things... one of them being my weekly delivery favorites.

Last week, I got some pretty cool stuff - decor & fashion.

Decorative Pillow - I got a "Dream" pillow made from a company called Uptown Artworks to put on our couch. Pillows are those items I always get one at a time, I hate sets. I like to mix and match patterns, solids, textures and, the only one that was missing, text. "Dream" is one of our favorite words around here. Despite the struggles, ups and downs and negativity around us, Sergio and I are working every day to build our dream life, so I thought it would be fitting to get a pillow that represented what we strive for.

I mentioned this pillow in my Decor Under $100 post this week. Get the details on my other decor must-haves here.

On top of my stylish pillow, Uptown Artworks can make literally whatever you want. They sent me an awesome gold foil overlay of one of my photos. I love it so much, I have it on my desk to look at everyday.

Velvet Booties

Silver Accessories - I'm so over gold. Yes, I still wear it and I am not getting rid of anything gold that I own but I'm so over it. I'm just going to shove all that stuff to the back of the closet to make room for all the silver beauties I can get my hands on.

Silver feels more fall-ish than gold. I don't know what it is but I'm all about it. I got these sexy leather cuffs from Spring Lily's Etsy store. I LOVE Etsy. I find everything on that website. Half of my home decor came from there, it's perfect for gifts & I found my web designer there as well.

Everything is so creative and one of a kind, including my black and silver bracelets. Spring Lily also does custom work. I wanted silver so I asked if they could design a few items for me and I had these accessories at my doorstep in just a few days.

velvet booties

Velvet Booties - I am dying a thousand deaths over velvet right now. I need everything velvet I can get my hands on. Boots, stilettos, purses, dresses... you name it, I want it. I saw one of my favorite bloggers wearing these babies at Fashion Week and I didn't even think twice before purchasing... Also because they were only $120. A much more reasonable cost than the Gianvito Rossi pair at $975.

Every designer is releasing some sort of velvet shoe this season and although I'm not really a fan of Steven Madden, I knew I HAD to have these booties. I have some more favorites in the mail from Public Desire so you might want to get used to my velvet raves, at least until the snow comes.

velvet booties saint laurent purse

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